Really Guys?

So there was this guy who said he wouldn’t date anyone shorter than 5’5 and who weighed more than 130 pounds… I was taken back by this. I commented to this guy that if he felt that way he didn’t have to publicize it to everyone. By the way I am talking about a dating website where a guy posted this. I understand if a guy isn’t interested in certain girls, but you don’t need to say that. Anyway, I want to post our conversation here, but I will leave his name out.

Nice to meet you, I’m Kaitlin. I’m not interested in you, nor are you interested in me because I am over 130 pounds and I am exactly 5’5. But I thought you should know that you need to proof read your bio because there are errors there…spelling and whatnot. I do have to say I am slightly offended at your remark at not interested in anybody 5’5 or shorter or over 130 pounds. So what, every girl you go out with you ask how much they weigh? Or you just guess their weight and hope it’s under 130? You make it seem like you are this spiritual person and then you throw that crap in there which is something completely against christlike attributes. It is okay if you aren’t attracted to heavier girls, and shorter girls…but you don’t say that. You have a taste, and you are the only person that really needs to know that. If I were you I would delete that from your profile because it doesn’t make you attractive in any way.

Its to stop girls like you from messaging me, but I see it has yet to do so. Don’t nag at my grammar either. That kind of talk is why your still single… And looks.

Let’s pause right there…first off, really? He is going to say that the reason I am single is because of my looks? And girls like me…girls who are fat? Okay…let’s keep going.

Guess what, I’d rather be chubby then a jerk. guess what, it’s not all about the looks. and I am pretty because God created me. If you say I’m not, then you are putting down God.

… 🙂 God made swine as well as swans. I choose what I’m into.

Another pause…so he is now comparing me to swine….


that doesn’t mean they are ugly. It is how you look at them. christ sees everything as beautiful. so if you see swine as ugly, it means that is what is in your heart. I know you have the right to choose what you are into, so do I. I just don’t think it is nice that you publicly post that. Girls who are thin and actually have a heart, if they read that would not want to go out with you because it makes you look shallow. So it would be better if you didn’t have that posted, and if any girl who is fat contacts you, you don’t have to answer them. Just wait for those who meet your criteria.

After I sent that last message he didn’t reply. I understand that we aren’t all attracted to the same people, that is why we are all different. However, that doesn’t mean you make other people feel bad for the way they are. God created me, and therefore I am pretty in my own way.

Question for you:
How do you deal with guys who are like that? How do you manage to keep up your self esteem?

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