Things I Don’t Understand

So, something I haven’t ever really been able to understand is why are those people who are purposefully and knowingly doing things wrong, getting certain blessings before I am? And I guess I know the answer…it’s all in God’s timing. But it can be hard sometimes to see people receiving blessings I want and desire, when they are acting in a way they shouldn’t. I’m not saying I’m perfect. Far from. I have my own trials and my own sins that are different from them, but it can still be hard. My younger sister got married before I did which was hard at first. I’m fine with it now. And she was doing the right things, so I understand why that happened. I have other friends though who are engaged and who aren’t the best influence for one another. I guess I should be glad to still be single, than to marry someone quickly who would bring me down. I need someone strong who would help me to stay strong.

I’m feeling good though because in about 2 weeks I will be graduating from college and I will be going back home, and I feel that my future husband is there somewhere. I never really felt like my future spouse was up here at school, so I feel okay about that. One good thing…I will be graduating and getting my BS at the age of 22! 🙂 Isn’t that great! I’m proud of myself!!! 😀 I should be happy!!! About 18 more days til I graduate!!! yahoo!!!!!!!




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