Jesus Loves You No Matter What

So, I had a cute and tender moment today at work. I was sitting in a preschool class and a girl who is about 5 years old was practicing her writing. She had the paper with all the letters, and then had a blank paper to write whatever words she wanted. She showed me her paper after and I began to read the words she wrote. She wrote something about friends and then in the middle of nowhere I read,

“Jesus luvs you no mater wut”. 

First of all I was so surprised to read this from this little girl in school, and secondly, it was something that I needed to hear. I’ve made mistakes, and life has been hard lately, but it was a good reminder that Jesus loves me no matter what.

I know that He is not happy when we make mistakes, but His love is always there. His arms are always outstretched towards us.


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