Okay, so here goes another post. Something I noticed while sitting in church. Another weakness I have haha. So have you ever been attracted to someone or see someone you want to go talk to but you are so nervous and whatnot that you can’t even go and say hi? I’m sure we have all had that experience. Well I guess you could say I have been “people watching” lately haha.

I have noticed that I compare myself a lot to others without even realizing it. I say I shouldn’t do it. I say that I won’t do it. However I realized I still do. So I think one of the reasons why I have low self confidence is because I tend to compare myself to others. For example when it comes to dating I may be attracted to someone or I may hit it off with someone or want to meet someone but then those thoughts of “well she’s cuter. Or she’s skinnier. Or she’s more outgoing and social” cross my mind and it makes me back down a bit.

Why does that happen? It’s Satan. He wants us to think less of ourself. He wants us to compare ourselves. He wants us to tear each other apart and tear ourselves apart. He wants us to think we are not good enough. That we will never be good enough. The media is all about surgeries, being the skinniest, having the best clothes, always comparing ourselves to others and posting the best pictures. When you think about it, it really is awful.

So how do we stop that? How do we stop comparing ourselves? How do we understand that we are different but yet still amazing? That is what I am working on. Trying to realize that yes I may not be like that individual but that’s okay. I have my own unique talents and qualities that make me special and one day someone will come along who will love me for me.

I recently had an experience this week where a girl who doesn’t know me attacked me with hurtful words. Accusing me of being someone I am not. Which was very hurtful. Because I consider myself to be a nice person who tries to help. I was truly hurt and I let it affect me for a little bit while I was pondering on it. I talked with a friend who told me that sometimes Satan uses those moments of weaknesses and struggles that he knows we already have and uses other people to dig in deeper. I was already struggling with this area and then here comes this girl who stabs me with a knife and hurtful words. My friend and even my parents reminded me that I can’t let those words affect me. She doesn’t know me. I know me. God knows me. And that is what matters.

Do you have any tips that help you to not compare yourself? Or tips on how to lift yourself up?



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