Enjoy the Little Things

We are often inspired by others. People are constantly watching and listening to what we are saying and doing – whether we realize it or not. We may have even influenced someone in our lives that we never knew about.

I remember one time in college (I attended a religious college called Brigham Young University) I was sharing an apartment with 4 other girls. I remember that one time my actual roommate thanked me because I was an example to her. She said she would always see me kneeling to pray at night and she would see me read my scriptures often. She told me that she always appreciated that and it helped her to want to do it as well. I had no idea until after the fact that she was watching me. But she was. Luckily in this case someone saw me doing something good and it influenced them, motivated them, and helped them in their life. She ended up getting baptized in the church and everything.

Well today, while I was at work and as I walking through the primary room (this is what Montessori calls kindergarten), which is a room I walk through multiple times a day… I noticed a quote on the wall that I really liked.

“Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things” -Robert Brault

I loved this. Sometimes, or I should say most of the time we take those small things for granted. We don’t appreciate the person at work who always said hello to us each morning. Or the friend who watched a movie with us. The smell of rain. A child holding your hand. The opportunity you had to travel. Staying up late and talking with friends and family. Even just waking up in the morning.

We may think those little things don’t mean anything, but those little moments are what help to make up the bigger picture. Those small things are what make our lives more beautiful and more meaningful. Think about it… think of the last time you were on a vacation for example. We normally say we are grateful for the trip. But what about those small moments on the trip? Maybe when your spouse treated you to a romantic dinner away from the children and you were able to have a meaningful yet silly conversation. It could have been sitting on the beach in a chair, relaxing – as the sun shines down on you as you watch your 3 beautiful children play in the water with your spouse. It might have even just been that the people working at the hotel made your stay amazing. See, we often overlook these small moments. But they can often play a big part in our lives.

I guess what I am saying is that we should be grateful for those small moments. But in order to be grateful for them you have to recognize them. And that can sometimes be hard.

I’ve been trying to think about the small things that have been happening in my life lately.

My children at work telling me they love me.

Celebrating my dad’s 65th birthday and going to dinner with my brother and Nephew.

My scripture a day book that I have to help me read at least 1 verse a day.

A good friend of mine who sat in the car with me and let me talk about my problems as I cried.

The rainbow I saw the other day after it rained.

Friends who are looking out for me and helping me find a job.

There’s a lot. I could keep going. But I’m grateful for all those things. Without those, life would be so blah.

So to finish my post (this was a long one guys, and one that wasn’t as fun-sorry about that!), what are some small moments in your life that you are grateful for?

Comment below!


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