First Kiss

Okay folks… get a blanket, some popcorn or your favorite candy and sit tight because I am about to tell you the story of my first kiss. Yes, you heard me correctly. My first awkward and to be completely honest, ONLY kiss. At the good ‘ole age of 22. Again, yes you heard me correctly.

So it was fall semester of 2015 – the month of September actually. Saturday, September 26, 2015 to be even more precise. Haha. To be honest I don’t remember much from this day. I didn’t write much in my journal about the event – I know, crazy! My first kiss and I didn’t write down everything that happened. I wrote about it the next day along with a bunch of other stuff I forgot to write about.

Anyway, what I do remember I will write about here. So to start off, I thought I would quote directly from my journal (which honestly doesn’t say much at all). And then I will go ahead and write about what I remember in more detail.


“So last night, Saturday 26 September 2015 I had my first kiss ever. With _____. We were on the couch in my apartment and we had been joking about something and I could tell he kept leaning in closer. And then boom…we kissed. To me, it wasn’t very good. haha. I don’t have any experience, and he has only kissed two other girls. This summer. I felt he had his lips open whereas I  went in like a kiss on the cheek. Lips together. I hope if we kiss again it gets better. Otherwise he may just not kiss good haha. I did not get butterflies at all”

Okay first of all who else laughed when they read that? Because I did. Oh my gosh…there are so many things wrong with that journal entry.

  1. I didn’t even write about the kiss. We went from talking to we kissed. And all I say was it wasn’t very good. haha. So descriptive.
  2. I went in like a kiss on the cheek…haha.
  3. And do you like how I blamed him for the bad kiss. Like there was no way it was me that made the kiss bad haha. So selfish of me haha.

Okay, so now to explain the story from what I remember.

I do remember us sitting on the couch. It was evening and it was a little bit before he was going to leave. I do remember I was sitting on his left and I was leaning against him and he had his arm around me. I remember after whatever we had laughed at or talked about, I did look up at him and then I knew it was going to happen. Now to back up a bit, this guy knew I had never kissed anyone before and so he knew to wait after we had gone on a few dates to kiss. Anyway, I remember it happening and I remember thinking in my head “that was terrible, oh my gosh!” but I just smiled and put my head back down so I wouldn’t have to look at him haha. I’m awful!

Now why was the kiss so terrible for me? I remember it being soooo wet. I remember above my top lip being wet and under my bottom being completely wet and I was disgusted haha. And obviously like I wrote in my journal, it was not my fault. (By the way, I am totally joking. That was my first time kissing someone so it probably was partly my fault haha. That, and all first kisses with every guy I hear are always a bit awkward). Anyway, he didn’t stay much longer after that. I got up and walked up him to the door of my apartment and I can’t believe I did this but…he asked if he could kiss me again goodnight and I said no! Yes people, I said no to his face. Now luckily I think it was somewhat okay because it was my first time and I think he knew it was still new and scary for me…but I am sure he was hurt. So he asked if he could kiss me on the cheek and I said yes. Total rejection right there you guys. I’m awful! (Go ahead – comment below and tell me how terrible I am haha).

Anyway I think we walked out to the car and blah blah you know. And he gave me another kiss on the cheek that was a little too long like he was imagining my lips or something. Anyway, either he opened up too wide, or I didn’t open enough…OR that is how kissing is and I find it terribly disgusting haha.

If you didn’t know…we only had like 1 or 2 more dates after that night so that didn’t go anywhere. I cut things off. I know you guys are judging me so much right now haha. But in my defense it was just because of the kiss.

Anyway, I know everyone has an awkward first kiss moment or even just an awkward kiss in general.

Comment below with your interesting moment(s)!


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