Make the Most of Each Day

So every day I read from a small book called “Come Unto Me” which is basically a scripture a day. With each scripture is a quote and yesterday’s and today’s quote were two that went together that I really loved.

March 7:

“How fragile life, how certain death. We do not know when we will be required to leave this mortal existence. And so I ask, “What are we doing with today?”…”I’ve been thinking about making some course corrections in my life. I plan to take the first step – tomorrow” … Because life is fragile and death inevitable, we must make the most of each day.” – Thomas S. Monson, “Now Is the Time”, 2001

March 8:

“We need assistance. We are liable to do that which will lead us into trouble and darkness, and those things which will not tend to our good; but with the assistance of that Comforter which the Lord has promised His Saints, if we are careful to listen to its whisperings, and understand the nature of its language, we may avoid much trouble and serious difficulty.” – Lorenzo Snow, 1984

Okay so from the first quote we learn that life is fragile and we never know how long we will be on this earth for. That being said we shouldn’t wait to fix and correct our mistakes. Now is the time to live every day to the fullest and change for the better. Stop putting it off. Stop making excuses. Stop giving in to the things that give us
“happiness” immediately and wait for the true happiness that will come by doing good.

The second quote reminds us that God has given us the wonderful gift of The Holy Ghost as a companion to us as we make our way along this hard and tiring yet wonderful life. We need help. This life is not easy. We will be tested and tried every day, but God has not left us alone. If we pay attention to The Holy Ghost then we can avoid many situations that we would otherwise find ourselves in. The Holy Ghost is what can help us make those correct choices and help get us out of the bad ones. The question is…are we listening? Are we giving heed to that voice? It doesn’t do us any good if we don’t actually pay attention to it.

Which brings me to my other point. We need to be careful and make sure we are in the right places at the right time so that the spirit can actually talk to us and we can hear it.

This week hasn’t been a good week for me. And these two quotes were a good reminder for me that I need to be better. I’ve messed up, but I shouldn’t wait until “tomorrow” to fix my mistakes. Today is the day I need to say that enough is enough and actually change. Start making those decisions that will make the difference.

It can be hard though. When one feels they have messed up in the past, they feel they aren’t good enough. Even when you start to change and you feel things are getting better Satan is always there to bring up those old thoughts and feelings about yourself. He tries to make you think you aren’t good enough, that you are a failure, that nobody will love you, that you should just give up and give in. Has this happened to you before?

Satan knows our weaknesses. He knows when we are about to break. He knows where to poke at us and when. That is why we always need to be on guard and spiritually ready. Because if we aren’t…then Satan will make his move.

My Bishop once explained it using an analogy. He showed me a candy jar filled with m&m’s.


So imagine this is us spiritually. The m&m’s represent all the good uplifting things we do. So scripture study, going to church, praying, helping others, etc. The more we do the more m&m’s fill our jar. However, if we stop or if we slack off doing those spiritual things then our jar becomes slightly empty (like the one in the middle, or even the one on the far left). So now we have all that empty space. Well, what is going to happen? Satan is going to see that empty space and make his way in and fill it. It’s a scary thought. BUT if we are spiritually filled (like the jar on the right) then there will not be any room for Satan to come in and tempt us because we are already filled with good things.

Right now, I am the middle jar. Unfortunately I have slipped with some of the spiritual things and so Satan has made his way inside the jar and started filling it with things I don’t need. My goal for the next few weeks is to get those negative thoughts out of my head. To fill my jar with good m&m’s so that I can have the spirit with me to help guide me. I want to think positively about myself. I want to learn to love myself (regardless of the mistakes I make).

May we all fill our jars with the good m&m’s and stay spiritually fed.



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