Praying for Others

We pray for ourselves.

We pray for safety, we pray for blessings, we pray for a job, food, housing, friends, etc.

When was the last time you prayed for someone else?

When was the last time you gave a prayer that had nothing to do with you?

God works in mysterious ways and in the exact and right moments.

I was talking to a friend tonight who told me that one of our other friends was struggling. He didn’t tell me what the struggles were exactly, but just told me that it would probably be a good idea if I could pray for this person. Of course I said yes!

The ironic thing is that this week I have been thinking about making a physical list of people to pray for. Like actually writing names down to keep by my bed to pray for each morning and night. And this was a perfect reminder to actually DO IT.

Sometimes we get in the habit of praying for ourselves all the time and the things we need. And there is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it is a good idea to have a prayer where we ONLY focus on other people.

Or a prayer where we only give thanks rather than asking for things.


I know that I have been the most happy when I am serving others constantly.

I served a mission for my church from 2013-2014 in Nicaragua (a country in Central America) and I was happy! Yeah, I had hard days, but I was happy.

I was constantly talking about Jesus Christ to other people AND I was constantly serving. I was always thinking of other people. Offering to wash clothes, sweep, wash the dishes, giving guidance and support, giving someone my umbrella when it was raining, etc.



I have realized that I have stopped doing that.

I have become so conceited. I have started thinking about me and only me.

What job will I have next? What about my homework? What about my feelings? What about my trials? Why don’t I have more friends? Why am I invisible? Why am I not dating? Me, me, me.

How selfish!!!

Yeah, I have trials. I have problems. But so does everyone else! And some people are facing things way worse!

Instead of looking inward at myself, I should be looking outward and striving to help others.

When we help others we tend to forget about our own problems, and we ourselves become happier (Matthew 16:25).3d47556a07b704fdae5c5f1d8fa43fc4


I encourage all of you to make a list of people you can pray for. And for at least one day make sure to include them in your prayers.

I am going to make it a goal this week to pray for others and their needs rather than my own and see how it goes. Then next Sunday I will update you on how my week went.

I want this week to be about others and not myself.

I encourage you to do the same and see the hand of God.




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