Who Says I Can’t?

So how many of you watch the show This is Us?

I love it and have been hooked from the beginning.

Well the actress who plays Kate is Chrissy Metz. And she recently came out with a book about how she got to where she is now and how she has come to find her happiness in life.

There’s this quote that she said that I want to share with you.

“Our true happiness is inside of us. Like me, everything you need to fly — to soar — has been inside you all along. Just as you are, you’re enough.”

Sometimes we may think we aren’t enough for something.

We may think we can’t accomplish something.

Think that we aren’t good enough for someone.

That we won’t succeed.

Afraid of failure.

Afraid of change.

And we put off our happiness.

We have what it takes to be successful in this life. We can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. We are good enough for someone. We can be happy.

So what is keeping us from soaring high? What is keeping you from telling that person you like them? From accepting that new job? What is keeping you from moving to a new place or learning a new skill? What is keeping you from success? What is keeping you from being happy? For me… I’m not sure exactly what it is.

I know that I am afraid of change.

I’m afraid I am not good enough.

And boy I can tell you those things get in the way. I’m not saying I’m not happy because that isn’t true. I am.

What I am saying is that because of those things, I miss out on opportunities that could add to my happiness.

So… Reflect. Think. Ponder. Act.

What is holding you back from soaring high?

Then change it.



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