It’s the Little Things

Sorry for not writing for a few days. It has been an exhausting week! And I mean exhausting! You know when you come home and you are ready for bed by 8:00 pm. Yep…that has been me this week.

Why? Let me explain…

This week is spring break for only the head teachers at my job. This means that all of us assistants still have to work … I know, not very fair at all.

So with less teachers, and no head teachers, we are all running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Two toddler classes are combined and we have 12 children in there. It has been a bit of a crazy week!

Wednesday was the worst. Super stressful, and super hard for me.

Today was better though!

I ran to Mcdonald’s for lunch today on my break and when I pulled up to the window to get my food something great happened. Okay, not great but something nice haha.

After they handed me my soda, the guy was holding a chocolate shake and asked me, “would you like a chocolate shake?”. I looked at him confused and said, “ummmmm”. He then told me it was free and so I said sure. So I walked away with a free shake!

And dang it was pretty good!!!

I don’t know why he gave it to me, but it was such a nice boost to my day. It helped me get through the last 4 hours of work. And I don’t mean because it was so tasty, but because someone was nice enough to give me something and it was so unexpected. It was something so small, but something so nice.

There was one other unexpected event that happened today that was a blessing in a disguise, but I will save it for Sunday to have something to write about. So stay tuned for the surprise!



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