So I went on a VERY quick trip to Mexico this weekend. Hence the reason I haven’t written for a few days. I have been super busy.

So Friday Morning dad and I left for Mexico. It was about a 3 hour and 15 minute flight. It wasn’t too bad. We got small individual pizzas to eat before getting on the plane. Turns out because it was a longer flight they gave us a small crescent sandwich, applesauce and a piece of dark chocolate. Not too bad.

We arrived to Leon Mexico about a little before 6pm. Guadalupe picked us up at the airport. She had dad drive because she had taken a pill haha! So she wanted to take dad to get shoes because apparently they are known for leather and shoes here and dad usually gets some shoes. Well dad didn’t want any so he said I could get some. So I ended up getting 2 pairs for me and mom to share.

After shopping we went out to dinner with Guadalupe. I got a beef steak with beans and cheese on top served with a salad. It was really good. The meat was a little red but it was so tender and yummy! Haha.

After dinner Guadalupe dropped us off at the hotel for the night.

Saturday –

So we woke up at 7am and Naya came and picked us up to take us to the clinic at 7:45. I waited for about 2 hours at the clinic for Lupita (Guadalupe’s daughter). While dad was working and while I was waiting to leave, I talked to some patients waiting for dad. One family was super nice. One little boy practiced his english with me. They reminded me of Karla and Wilber from Nicaragua.

Lupita finally came about 10:30 or so. I hadn’t had breakfast yet so we stopped at a gas station and I got a doughnut and some juice. I ate it in the car on our way to Guanajuato.

We first went to the mall and I got myself a leather jacket. It is pretty nice. Guadalupe had a custom one made for mom.

After the mall we drove to Guanajuato and Lupita took me around everywhere. We drove up to the top of this hill El Pípila. The view was so pretty! You could see the whole city from there. I loved looking at the colors of the homes and everything.

We also went to a jewelry place, and this HUGE house that sold a variety of stuff.

Isn’t that view amazing?! I love it!

She took me to El callejón del beso where people go to take pictures kissing. Obviously I went and took pictures alone haha! The story goes that there was a man and a woman in love but the dad didn’t want his daughter to marry this guy. He wanted her to marry someone rich. Well she lived in this house where the balcony is on the left. The man bought the house across from it so they could see each other. Well one day the dad caught them kissing and he ended up stabbing his daughter. The man was devastated and committed suicide. The story goes that if you kiss on the third step your love will last forever. What is even crazier is that when we got home we saw that mom and dad went there on their honeymoon!!!

Anyways, I also went inside some churches. One of them being where basically all of Guadalupe’s family was married and all that.

We went to el mercado and looked around. It reminded me of Nicaragua but this one wasn’t as big. I ended up buying a purse there. Hehe. She took me to the theater but it wasn’t open so we couldn’t go inside. We did go to a museum but we had to pay for that so instead they let us enter the front room only for free. (see picture below of the theater and the balcony of the inside of the museum).

This next picture is the central building of the university of Guanajuato.

Here are some tunnels from Guanajuato.

Here is the office where dad was working.

Lupita and I met up with her daughter Emilia for lunch. Emilia Is 18 years old. We went to this restaurant where I got enchilada with sauce and potatoes on top with a side of chicken and salad. So filling! The funny thing is that they brought their soup first and Lupita kept telling the waiter where is her food?! She hasn’t had breakfast! Haha! I was like I am okay. She offered me a bite of her soup. She then offered me a bite of her tostada haha! There was a basket of bread on the table. I was like I am okay, if I eat your food I won’t be hungry for my food haha! She was so persistent. It was funny.

The same thing when we went to the theater and it was closed she was like please can we go in. They said not until tomorrow. She said no no but she leaves tomorrow. Please. Haha! They are so funny.

So about 6:30 we went back to the office and met dad. They packed up and then we went to dinner to get tacos. It was Guadalupe, Lupita, Emilia and us. We got different meats to share. Oh my heck I ate like 5 and I could have kept going. Haha! Al pastor was my favorite!!! So rico!!! I added some sauce and guacamole sauce…mmmm!!!! Dad wasn’t feeling good though. He only ate 1 taco. After dinner we went to Jose’s office (Guadalupe’s nephew). He is going to open his own optometrist practice on Monday. And he really wanted dad to see it. By the time we got home it was late again. Haha. Poor dad had a slight fever and tummy problems.

Sunday morning –

We woke up at 7am and met Guadalupe at 7:30. She drove us to the airport. There was a small store there at the airport and Guadalupe bought a small purse for Adelaide (my niece). Haha!

Man people had bad luck! While in line to get tickets for the plane, a couple was up and the husband couldn’t find his ticket we got to cross the border…so they had to go to the immigration office. Then while boarding there was a couple who came up and they started yelling at them because they had been calling their names for awhile because they needed to stamp their paper. So they wouldn’t let them board and told them they had to wait for the next flight which was tomorrow. CRAZY!

On the plane we got another sandwich, and yogurt! 🙂

Overall a great trip! A couple years ago my dad came to Nicaragua to see the people I came to love, and this time I got to go to Mexico and meet the people that love my dad. It was a really neat experience.



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