This is Me

Some of you may be wondering what happened to me.

Did I move?

Did I get abducted by aliens?

Did I die?

Was I in a coma and then fell in love with someone like in the movie While You Were Sleeping?

Was I traveling?

The answer is no. Although I’d be quite intrigued by some of those haha.

Life got busy and I unfortunately just didn’t have time to write. (I know, LAME).

Sometimes we wish life was busy and going all the time, but then when it is, we wish we had free time to just binge watch episodes on Netflix (a hobby of mine).

Life man.

Anyways, I was actually just busy with work, class, and being with family. You know – the important stuff.

Anyway, for this post I wanted to post the music video of This is Me from The Greatest Showman. First of all, I freaking LOVE this movie and the music!!! I listen to it all the time, and the movie has some great messages.

Sometimes I feel that we tend to hide things about ourselves because we are afraid that others won’t accept certain parts of us. Or we let others tell us what we can or can’t be. We are ashamed of things that make us who we are. We try to mask parts of our personality or things that we like to fit in.

I remember a friend telling me one time that they were afraid sometimes to be themselves completely around certain people because they know they can be a bit much, or that they just have a different and unique personality.

But why hide? You are who you are.

“Today you are you, that is truer that true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” -Dr. Seuss

WE ARE GLORIOUS. We are all amazing. We all have wonderful talents, personalities, and characteristics that make us unique.

We need to stop letting others make us feel bad for who we are.

Make no apologies (as the song states). This is you.

Not everyone may understand you, or like you, or see you as the amazing person you are. But never let that stop you from being you.

And that is … glorious!



3 thoughts on “This is Me

    • Kaitlin Chase says:

      I’m glad I was able to add to what the others have said in reminding you that you are special and unique. Don’t ever be afraid to stand out and be yourself. There’s only 1 you, so why try to pretend to be someone else?

      Liked by 1 person

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