God Always Answers

Yesterday at church one of my friends made the comment that God always answers our prayers. Whether it is today, tomorrow, or years from now … He will ALWAYS answer them.

It is just in His timing.

We live in a world where we can get everything within a few minutes.

(You know, when you can’t remember that actors name and so you pull out your phone and google it.)

So, when something doesn’t come to us right away it can be frustrating.

Waiting teaches us patience.

Sometimes I forget that just because I want something doesn’t mean I am going to get it right away – or at all.

For example, I have been praying about a new job. I have been praying about my dating life. About where I should go, etc.

And I have been expecting or wanting an answer right in that moment.

But you see … I can’t see the future. God can. So while I may think it is unfair that I am not dating or that I haven’t found my Prince Charming, God may be waiting because He knows what lies ahead.

I don’t.

Maybe there is something I need to accomplish first.

Maybe my prince is in another state right now and God is waiting for the timing to line up.

Maybe I haven’t felt prompted about a job yet because I haven’t found the right one.

To me it may seem scary, but to God maybe he knows there is something else out there that I might not be able to see right now – even it means waiting til the last day to find a job.

Has God ever tested your patience?

Have you ever had your faith tested waiting for something?

Have you learned anything from those experiences?

Please share with us in the comments below.



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