Today is Here

So this week has been a week of deep thoughts. A variety of different topics and thoughts crossed my mind as I had different conversations with people and encountered different situations.

How do we serve others without making them feel like a charity case?

So this week I was talking with a friend who had given me some advice one time. And as we were talking I was getting the feeling that the only reason why he was “helping” was because I was some sort of charity case. As if the only reason I was put into his life was so he could “fix” me and then let me go. I will admit I was getting kind of annoyed while our conversation continued.

I know I am going through a lot of stuff right now, and some big changes are coming up in my life, but I am not somebody that is broken and needs fixing – and then tossed back into the world. I am a human being with feelings and I don’t want people feeling like they need to fix me.

I do believe that sometimes people are put into our lives for a specific reason and for a specific time. (I have experienced this years ago back in 2011). And so I understand if this particular person feels he was just sent here to “fix” me … but I hope that isn’t true. It hurts when people come and go in your life that you care about.

So my question is how do we serve others and help them without them feeling like we are only there to “fix” them? Because I can tell you I sure don’t like that feeling -whether we mean to make them feel that way or not.

I think you really have to get to know the person. When you are able to build that connection, you truly and honestly care about their well being. You want them to succeed, you want them to be happy. Therefore, you help them out of love. You hurt when they hurt, you get excited when they get excited, etc.

The importance of every day.

The second thought that has crossed my mind this week is the importance of every day we have. In other words, the gift of life.

A friend of mine recently told me they have a form of cancer and I was taken by complete surprise. Cancer is a nasty thing that can attack anybody at any moment.

It made me realize how lucky I am to be in good health. How important each day is because we never know when it will be our last.

Are we constantly telling those around us how much we love and care about them? Regardless if they already know it! Do we actually have the courage to complete our wishes and dreams? To go after what we truly desire?

Are we trying new things? Are we learning every day? Are we serving those around us? Are we laughing? Are we writing down those memories?

Are we living?

Speaking of loving others and living life, I was able to see my Grandma celebrate her 90th birthday this week. We had a family celebration at the church today and it was really nice. We had food, games, displays with pictures and things my Grandma has made, a powerpoint, speeches, etc.

I LOVE my grandma. She has taught me so much just by example. She is one of the most loving, selfless, humble and christlike people I know. To have both my Grandpa and my Grandma alive are blessings to me.


Life is so short. It goes by so fast! Are we making the most of it? Do we appreciate each and every single day? Are we thanking God every morning when we wake up?

I am grateful for the friends I do have who care about me. I am grateful for those who listen to me. To those who say hi to me in the hallways. To those who teach me. To the people who lead by example. To the people who text me randomly. To the people that are a part of my life, thank you.

To those struggling right now, like my friend who has cancer … I want you to know that you are loved. I want you to know that there are people who love you, and who are praying for you all the time. You are never alone. I promise you that there is ALWAYS someone who cares.

“Life is a gift. Wake up every day and realize that.”



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