Getting to Know Your Blogger

Okay folks, you may remember a while back I did some posts with Q&A’s about myself. Well I thought we could dive a bit more so you can get to know me even better. Most of you don’t know me in person, you only know me by what I post on here. Bless your hearts for reading my craziness. ❤️

Well, the other day I took a personality test. I love this kind of stuff. I had taken the love language one before, but I thought this would be fun! (or really scary).

I used the website 16 Personalities to take the free test and got my results along with an explanation about that personality. I thought it was creepily pretty accurate.

My results were … ISFJ-T or in other words, the defender.

What does this mean? I have listed the ones that I feel pertain to me (basically all of them). So according to their results this means …

  • I am sensitive
    • (yes, this is so true, and I am sorry for all of you around me haha!)


  • I have excellent analytical abilities


  • I’m reserved
    • (yes, this is also true. I wrote about this earlier on)


  • Conservative


  • Often meticulous to the point of perfectionism
    • (this one can get me into trouble for sure!!! I will talk about this more below)


  • The challenge for Defenders is ensuring that what they do is noticed. They have a tendency to underplay their accomplishments.
    • (yes, I do feel like this)


  • When it comes to gift-giving, Defenders have no equal, using their imagination and natural sensitivity to express their generosity in ways that touch the hearts of their recipients.
    • (I feel that I am usually pretty good with this. I love writing letters, and when it is someone’s birthday, or when someone is going through a hard time etc, I feel I can express myself in a way that touches the heart).

Okay so that was an overview of what the defender personality is like. Let’s dive even deeper! Get your diving gear ready!!! Here we go!

According to them my strengths are …

  • Supportive
    • (I feel I am supportive to those around me. I will voice my opinion, but I am supportive).


  • Reliable and Patient
    • (Yes. I feel people can depend on me for things when they need me. I can also be patient when I need to be. It does depend on the situation however).


  • Imaginative and Observant
    • (I like to think I am imaginative and creative. I am very observant, but that is because I tend to sit back and watch rather than be the center of attention).


  • Enthusiastic
    • (so for this one, yes I can be very enthusiastic when it is something I deeply care about).


  • Loyal and Hard-working
    • (yes!)


  • Good practical skills

My weakness are listed as …

  • Humble and Shy
    • (yes, sometimes this is a big setback. Sometimes it takes a long time to make a relationship with someone because I am often quiet and hesitant)


  • Take things too personally
    • (sadly this is 100% true. I do. I tend to take everything personal, and it can be hard and definitely strain relationships).


  • Repress their feelings
    • (I do feel that I repress my feelings. The trouble is that eventually it all gets bottled up inside until I finally explode and everything comes out and then people think I am too open).


  • Overload themselves
    • (Yes, they say that we struggle silently to meet everyone’s expectations, especially our own. I find this too true. I am one that likes to please others. I like to make others happy and do what they want, but I also want to be happy and do what I want. I have a tendency to do too much to make others happy)


  • Reluctant to change
    • (ha! Yes. I like order and I like routine. I am okay with change if I know what the change is and I like it haha).


  • Too altruistic
    • (one of the things listed under this was that we do not burden others by accepting their offers of help, while our troubles mount unassisted. I feel this is true. I have always told everyone I was fine and that things are good because I never wanted to bother people with my problems. I always helped other people. I am trying to learn to let people in and help me when I need it).

This was just the beginning! A little taste. A little dollop. A pinch of salt. A sneak peak. Pretty interesting though huh? If you know me, you are probably thinking heck yes that is totally you and it explains a lot haha!

If you haven’t already, take the personality test and comment with what your personality is! And stay tuned for other posts about my personality! Next up is about relationships!



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