Media Fast

Hello followers! I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know I won't be writing for about 2 weeks. I know, so sad. I'm going on vacation, and I really just want to focus on some me time and spending time with my sister and brother-in-law. Living in the moment, rather than … Continue reading Media Fast


So my post today is titled A.W.E. I know, kind of a weird title. But stick with me. There's more to it. I titled it AWE which is my acronym for ANNOYED WITH EVERYONE. Those are my legit feelings right now. Haha! I know, I am so bad, but it's the honest truth, and the … Continue reading A.W.E.


Hey I am so sorry everyone for not writing for about a week now. Still getting the hand of this whole blogging thing I guess. Anyway, for this post I wanted to write about one of the things I am grateful for. Things have been somewhat difficult lately. Just dealing with a lot of personal … Continue reading #Grateful


Heart pounded. A heavy sigh left my chest. But then pure terror again. That could have been it. My life could have been changed forever. I was on my way home today from a goodbye party that some of the parent's from work had for us as a last hoorah. I was traveling on the … Continue reading Spared