Oceanside Pier

So today was actually a fun day. Around 3:40 I headed down to Oceanside to walk around the pier. I had never been to the Oceanside pier before. And wow! Let me just say that it is huge and has a lot more than the pier where I live. They had actual playgrounds there on the beach for kids, nice tables with coverings, etc. Just everything was really nice.

I did have trouble parking … it took me about 20 minutes before I found a parking spot, but I finally did!

I will admit that the reason for me going down to Oceanside was because I had a date. (I know! Shocker, right? It has been awhile). Refer to my earlier posts about my dating life.

Anyway, so I parked about 5:20 pm and met Jake outside a restaurant there in front of the pier. We walked down the pier and came back and just talked about stuff. We were able to take some pictures of the water which you will see lots of below!


And I was able to have him take some photos of me which came out really nice! I don’t normally like photos of myself, but these ones I approve of.










I had him show me around the pier since I had never been before. He took me around the little shops that they have there around the beach. It was cool to look at the different shops people have. He had me try my first boba drink. I got green apple – and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I LOVE sour things, and the green apple was good! But man, it was soooo filling!!! I was not hungry for awhile haha.


Anyway, I won’t post about everything, but what can I say is…

I would definitely recommend this pier to those who live close enough to go. It is pretty cool as far as beaches go. Especially if you have children!

I was glad I had the opportunity to go see a new place, and I am grateful for the person who showed me around. It is always good to meet new people, try new things, and travel to new places. All of which I did tonight!

What pier/beach do you enjoy going to?? 



2 thoughts on “Oceanside Pier

    • Kaitlin Chase says:

      Thank you!!! We purposely waited around so we could take pictures when the sun was just starting to go down. And the boba drink was super tasty! I will definitely be getting more of those! Thank you for your nice comments! I had a fun time with him 😋

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