The Lord will Provide

Okay you guys, this is my last week at my job as an assistant teacher. As many of you know, the location that I work at is closing and I have decided not to transfer to a different location.

That being said, it was weird pulling up to work today and seeing pictures gone from the walls, our school sign in the parking lot gone, and parents commenting about how sad this week will be.

Plus we have been giving out yearbooks, which is another reminder that everything is coming to a close.

I have mixed feelings. I am super excited because to be honest I am ready to be done. I am excited to do something new. Start a new adventure. And lets face it … working with toddlers 9-6 can be a bit stressful.

But …

I am also a bit scared because it will be something new, and I don’t know what I will be doing for my new job or where I will go. Heck, I don’t even know what kind of job I want.

I was talking to a friend today who is also going through some big changes. They are going to be moving soon to a new state, living with new roommates, starting a new job for the summer and then moving again in September to another state to start school. THOSE ARE BIG CHANGES HAPPENING AT THE SAME TIME!

Anyway, he said something in our conversation that I really liked.

“…Sometimes I ask myself how am I gonna do it? Like survive … But then I remember that the Lord will provide to His faithful saints that do their best”.

Wow. I know that was so simple, but it is so profound.

We all struggle and go through trials and experience new things, and we may ask ourselves that very question. “How am I going to do it? How am I going to survive?”

I know I have asked that many times lately as I have been looking for a new job. How am I going to be able to pay my bills if I don’t have a job? How am I gonna find a job that feels right? How am I supposed to know if the job is right? How am I going to survive in life?

I tend to be super negative like all the time … you can probably tell from all my blog posts. It’s a weakness I am working on. Anyway, I find myself asking questions like this ALL the time. Every day I pretty much wonder how I am going to survive. haha.

But wow … if we are trying our best and if we remember to include God, He will provide. We have nothing to fear because things will work out. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but they will! What a beautiful promise, and what a beautiful thing to have faith in.

He will calm our fears. He will help guide us, and direct our paths.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths”

-Proverbs 3:5-6

I love that scripture.

Oddly enough, after I started writing my blog post about my conversation with my friend, my dad shared this scripture with me tonight as well and it goes hand in hand with what I mentioned above. (The Lord has a purpose and reason for everything … in other words, this was not a coincidence).

If we trust in God, and not lean on our own understanding (meaning that we need to understand that we don’t know everything and we need His helping hand), and if we are acknowledging him in everything … He will direct our paths!!!

My dad explained it as this … lately he has been more grateful. He has realized that he has taken some things for granted (like we all do). I know I have taken this job for granted, and the people I met.

Anyway, he has noticed that as he has been thanking God more, or in other words acknowledging Him in all things, he feels God is directing him more in his own life.

I like that.

We may start out asking “how can I survive?” but as we trust in the Lord and acknowledge Him in everything, He will provide for us … and that may be by directing us to where we need to go.

In my case it would be what job to take.

For my friend above it would be to know that things will work with his new job and new housing situation.

My goal for everyone reading this is to take the next few days to acknowledge Him.

When you make it to work on time after leaving late, take 10 seconds to thank Him.

When you are celebrating someone’s birthday, take 10 seconds to thank Him for that person in your life.

When you pass by some flowers, take 10 seconds to thank Him for creating such beauty.

I think you get the point.

I believe that if we do this, God will provide. I have faith and I know that God is aware of each and every one of us. We are all important to Him. He knows our needs. Is it really too hard for us to just thank Him for what we have? Is it really too hard for us to have faith in Him that He will provide for us if we do what He asks? I don’t think so.

So, to start off this whole acknowledging God … I want to thank my friend for bringing this to my attention. For inspiring me to write about this post. I am grateful for people who share their experiences with me so that I can learn and grow more as a person. The purpose of my blog is to show that we are not alone, and by talking to my friend, I once again realized I am not the only person who feels like asking, “How can I do this? How can I survive?”

I am also grateful for my dad who shared this scripture with me and reminded me that I need to be grateful more. For showing me that maybe one of the reasons God hasn’t directed me to a new job yet is because I have not humbled myself enough. I have not yet come to appreciate those things that I do have.

What are some things you are grateful for today? In what ways can you acknowledge Him today?



2 thoughts on “The Lord will Provide

  1. Stephanie Moore says:

    Hello! I stumbled across your blog and I enjoyed this post. I feel like we are all transitioning in similar ways at this age. You are definitely right about the Lord providing and directing our paths, if we will just listen and trust in Him. I hope you have a nice day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kaitlin Chase says:

      Thank you so much Stephanie! I appreciate your comment. Yeah we definitely are all going through similar things at this age. It can be difficult but I’m learning that I as include Him, things will turn out okay. I will have to look at your blog 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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