So my post today is titled A.W.E. I know, kind of a weird title. But stick with me.

There’s more to it. I titled it AWE which is my acronym for ANNOYED WITH EVERYONE.

Those are my legit feelings right now. Haha!

I know, I am so bad, but it’s the honest truth, and the purpose of my blog is to be honest right?

To share my experiences in life. 

So this week I got so annoyed with 2 boys. Yeah, boys. I am seriously so done with guys. Younger, older, doesn’t matter. I’m annoyed with everyone and everything, but this week more so with guys.

So one guy who let me tell you was OLDER than me. He was 28 right. I am 24. So you would think he would be more mature, but apparently not. (This was a guy I met online because that’s apparently the only way people date in 2018 now). I was annoyed by something he said to me, and so I first gave him a thumbs up emoji because I honestly didn’t know what to say to the guy.

Let me just share the conversation with you instead.

To preface, we had been texting (and it had only been like 3 days of texting…not long at all) and during our conversation he didn’t text me for 3 hours and then he randomly told me he took a nap (6:30pm).

So I responded to his comment about the nap and didn’t hear anything. So, before I went to bed I responded again saying, “Hope you’re okay. I’m going to head to bed now”. He finally texts back at 2:46am. And this is our conversation that followed.

Him @ 2:46 am – Hi. I’m here. I’m ok

Me @ 7:45 am – 👍🏻 (thumbs up emoji)

Him @ 8:52 am – Cool thumbs up. That’s it huh.

Me @ 9:00 am – I don’t really know what to say.

Him @ 11:19 am (he read the message at 9:21) – Just cuz we don’t talk for a couple hours.? That’s unfortunate.

So after this message I didn’t respond. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with this drama.

Like what did he want me to say? Did he want me to baby him and be like what happened? Where were you? Are you okay? Do you need anything? Like first of all, the fact that it had been about 8 hours and all he said was I’m okay … like great. Okay I get it, you are okay. Like we aren’t dating so…

I was honest with the dude and said I didn’t know what to say. Like I just didn’t know how to respond to that message. I honestly didn’t know how to reply back. (I know this guy has some anxiety and depression stuff so there’s that too).

Apparently he took it as I didn’t have anything to say to him like about anything.

So after awhile of not texting him back, he messages me on snapchat and says …

Him @ 1:30ish – You didn’t do anything.

Me @ 1:30ish – I know.

Him @ 1:35ish – Alright whatever

I tried messaging him back right away to explain and it says my message will be read when he adds me as a friend.

Yep, the dude literally immediately deleted me from snapchat. Oh and that’s not all. He deleted me on facebook, texting, and oh yeah BLOCKED me on the dating website that we met on.


How old are you?! Are we in high school again? Someone does something you don’t like so you block them on every social media site?

I am glad we aren’t talking anymore because that NEVER would have worked out, but what bothers me is that he blocked me. I don’t like it when people cut me out of their lives for no good reason. It’s just annoying.

Like, how immature can you be?

The other incident I had this week was with a guy that is just a friend. He is one of those friends you love talking to, but one that you always seem to get so annoyed and argue with. Do you have any friends like that? I do. And he is one of them.

So we got on the conversation about how I had thought about going to family ward for church. For those who don’t know, our church has a special meeting for single people like me – it’s a way for people to get to know others our age. Well, from that topic we got on the topic of people that go to these meetings. From their, dating, and from there it just exploded.

I’ll admit I cried that night. Not just because of the conversation, but because it just made me so frustrated. It added crap to the pile of crap I am already dealing with.

I didn’t respond after that. I was just so frustrated. This is how a lot of our conversations go for some reason. We joke a lot, but sometimes I get so annoyed with things he says. And I know he gets annoyed with things I say. It’s weird. I want to just ignore him, but at the same time he is my friend and I can’t leave.

The other thing that really bothered me is that after this annoying conversation we didn’t talk until the next NIGHT when he texts me asking for a HUGE favor. His car had gotten towed, and he wanted to know if I could pick it up for him and he would pay me back.

Like seriously? After our annoying conversation he has the nerve to ask me to do that? That just made me even more annoyed. Like maybe if he had apologized or said something like I will make it up to you … but no.

Is there something in the air right now that is making me feel this way? Like why I am so annoyed with everyone? And before you go any further, no I am NOT on my period. I hate when guys automatically assume that when we are “cranky” it’s because our hormones are out of wack due to our period. WRONG!

We are also human, and therefore sometimes we are just cranky.

Anyway, people are stupid. Myself included. Sometimes people are just annoying. Like why is that? Have you ever had a day where just everything bothers you? Like someone could just be breathing and you just want to kill something? No? So I’m the only one? haha. Cool.

Has anybody done anything to annoy you recently? If so, I would love to hear about it. Show me that I am not the only one that finds people annoying sometimes. haha! 

Also, if there is anything you want to hear on my blog, go ahead and email me or message me on Facebook and I will gladly consider writing about it!

**Update on the guy who blocked me on everything … LITERALLY as I am sitting here writing this post, he texts me***

Him @ 10:17 – Hi there

Me @ 10:18 – Yes?

Him @ 10:18 – How are you? (like what?! you just freaking blocked me and now you unblock me because you decide you want to talk to me … I don’t think so dude!)

Me @ 10:18 – Are you serious right now?

Him @ 10:20 – Whatever (and then he blocks me again!!! Like how freaking IMMATURE! I am literally rolling on my bed laughing at what just happened. How many times is this guy going to block and unblock me).



4 thoughts on “A.W.E.

  1. Hunida says:

    Whaaaaat?! That guy is totally weird. Why did he block you just to unblock you & try again?! He sounds like way too much drama.

    I’m a little lost on the convo with you & your friend but, I see how you got annoyed! Texting doesn’t translate tone well at all.

    You are not alone in being A.W.E ♡


    • Kaitlin Chase says:

      Haha I know right. It was sooo weird. I was like what the heck? It was annoying enough to have him block me once, but to do it again was just ridiculous. Yeah, I know the second conversation was a little confusing, but the point of it was just that we had an annoying conversation and it was just something that added to the other annoying stuff haha!!! I’m glad I am not alone.


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