Mystery Blogger Award

This award is “an award for amazing bloggers with indigenous posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.”

Here are the rules:

• Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog

• Tell your readers three things about yourself

• Nominate bloggers you feel deserve the award

• Answer the questions from the person who nominated you

• Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny one

• Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

Okay so let me just say what a blessing it is to be nominated for this, especially since I am still new to blogging. As most of you know, I was on vacation and took a break from social media — even blogging. Gasp! I know. But I am back, and it was such a treat to see that I was chosen for this.

That being said … I want to thank Stephanie Moore for nominating me. She is so sweet!

So I know I have already posted so much about myself in my get to know you blog post titled Who Am I. (Along with other posts about my personality). But here are three more things about myself!!!

3 Things About Me

  1. I love vanilla bean Frappuccino’s from Starbucks! I usually have it double blended so it’s extra mixed, along with 3-5 pumps of caramel. It’s so yummy! I recommend you try it! (I also recently found a copy cat recipe to make it at home which I will have to try!)
  2. I am terrible at dancing. I tried country dancing twice and it was fun! I just wasn’t that great at it haha. I always thought it would be fun to learn things like the Jive or Latin dancing like the bachata.
  3. I love Nutella. I love Nutella on toast, sandwiches, bananas, fruit, crepes. What isn’t good with Nutella? I can eat that stuff by the spoonful with no food haha!

Now it is my turn to nominate those who I feel deserve this award.

I nominate …

  1. Hunida who has such a fun and creative blog. She posts about her day to day life, reviews, posts about herself, etc. She’s great about responding to your comments as well.
  2. Mackenzie who has an amazing uplifting blog. I get so stressed out with my life, and my problems are so small compared to other people. I love reading her inspiring quotes and posts. Go check her out!

Questions to be Answered …

  • Why did you decide to start a blog? 

So I decided to start a blog because of my friend who actually inspired me. He was going through a rough time in his life and he showed me his blog Through My Choice. He told me it was a way for him to really think about what was going on and it was kind of therapeutic. I was also going through some difficult things, and I liked creating websites and fooling around with technology. So, I decided I would give it a try. And thus, my blog was born.

  • What are you hoping to accomplish by the end of this year?

This is such a deep question. And this year is halfway over already. Time goes by so fast! By the end of this year I want to get back into shape. And I don’t necessarily mean losing a bunch of weight, although that would be amazing! But I mean, mentally. Getting it burned in my brain and really understanding who I am and what I want in this life. Does that even make sense? Message me and we can talk! Haha.

  • How are you doing in life? Really! [As in, are you where you hoped to be at this point in your life?]

Am I where I hoped I would be? Honestly, no. I’m going to be 25 in August and I am completely single with no full time job. I always thought I would be married by like 21 or something haha! Some AMAZING things have happened in my life for which I am forever grateful. Living in Nicaragua, graduating with a Bachelors, traveling, meeting some incredible people, etc. But, other dreams of mine have not yet come to pass in the time frame I had hoped for.

  • Do you have a “go to song” or band?

I don’t really have a go to song or band. But like I have mentioned awhile ago, the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman is still played frequently.

  • What is a guilty pleasure you have?

A guilty pleasure … hmm. Well while on vacation visiting my sister, she reminded me that Sonic does 1/2 price shakes after 8 … so my guilty pleasure lately has been going and getting a LARGE shake after 8 a few times a week. It’s terrible! I have been getting the Oreo Cheesecake one … along with a side order of fries. It’s so good! Such a good treat and great if you are planning on binge watching on Netflix or watching a movie.

My Questions for Mackenzie and Hunida …

(Although I encourage all followers to comment and answer 1 question in the comments! It will be fun to get to know each other better).

  • Why did you decide to start your blog?
  • What is your favorite breakfast food?
  • Who motivates you? Or is your inspiration?
  • Do you have a favorite book or movie?
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why?

Thank you again for nominating me. It means a lot to me that there are people out there reading my blog posts and who actually like them. It is hard to get yourself out there and make yourself known, so thank you.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you! I will be posting about my vacation very soon!!! Stay posted! 🙂

With much love and appreciation,


2 thoughts on “Mystery Blogger Award

  1. Hunida says:

    Aw, Kaitilin, thanks so much for nominating me. Your kind words brought a smile to my face. ♡ I’ve never tried a vanilla bean frapp with caramel before?! Maybe I’ll have to try that next time!

    I think you’re doing amazing things with your life. Love & marriage will come when the time is right. 🙂

    I used to work at Sonic and make so many shakes after 8 LOL. They really are so tasty!! & you can mix so many flavors. You should try oreo cheesecake with a little strawberry. Yum!!

    Liked by 1 person

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