Being Happy

Hello fellow followers,

I wanted to update you and let you know that recently my happiness level has been higher than normal. Things have been good lately.

I’ve had more time to myself to just relax and take it easy in the mornings. Which that in and of itself has been amazing! I haven’t had to set an alarm in the mornings which has been so nice. 🙂

I’ve been reading the scriptures with a friend every day which has been rewarding because I am able to get more thoughts and input from them. I learn more that way. You get a better perspective on things. You get to compare ideas.

I feel that I have been doing more things with my life. And things have just been good.

So one of my friends that I was talking to this past week had some really good comments. We got on the topic of dating, and about our self worth. I love when you are able to have a deep and honest conversation with someone.

I had mentioned how dating has changed over the years and how guys (and girls) want a lot of inappropriate things. How sometimes we aren’t treated with respect. This particular friend has been so good to me since day 1, and I thanked them for being so nice and respectful to me. Their response was …

“You deserve to be treated with respect”


I do, don’t I? We all do. We all deserve to be treated with respect, and if someone isn’t treating you with that respect, then they probably aren’t someone you wan’t around.

Then, since my friend and I are both single we started talking about why we think people wouldn’t want to be with us, or why we haven’t gotten married yet. We both mentioned that maybe because of past mistakes someone wouldn’t want to be with us. Their response to me was …

“We all make mistakes and struggle with things”

Which is true. And something that I have been learning about lately. We all go through difficult times, and that means making mistakes. It is how we learn. But we aren’t alone.

So, I told my friend that sometimes I feel there are people in this world who are so judgmental that they can’t accept some people’s mistakes. They told me …

“Those people don’t matter. The people that are always going to be there and love you for you are the only ones that matter”

Boom. Mic drop everyone.

Like, really! How true is that??! The people that can’t see past your mistakes and see how you have changed or are trying to change, DO NOT MATTER! The people that truly love you will understand that you are human, and will be there to encourage you to do better. They don’t have to accept your mistake or be okay with it, but they will be understanding and help you up.

So the conversation ended with my friend saying …

…Thank you [for] everything. Just being so sweet. Accepting me for who I am and not judging me. Seriously it means a lot and you’re already making me want to be a better person

I was reminded in that moment that there are no coincidences. God puts people into our lives for a reason. For whatever that reason is. We need more people in our lives who are more supportive and understanding. People who help us be better.

My friend also told me and reminded me that …

I hope you’re always happy. You deserve to be happy


We all deserve to be happy. Not just me. And the amazing is that when you care for someone, you honestly want them to be happy. You are excited when they are excited, sad when they are sad. You want the best for them. And I can honestly say I have some of those people in my life right now. People who care about me and my well being.

The other crazy thing that happened this week is one of my other friends randomly told me …

You are gonna have a great next 12 months. I can feel it. I can really sense things

So … um what?! Like a lot of good things are happening right now and then my friend tells me this … and I really hope this is true. I hope these next 12 months are great! I hope that they are enjoyable with lots of good things.

I just want to say how grateful I am for everyone in my life who has been a positive influence.

And I hope that each of you has someone to remind you of how important you are, how you deserve to be happy, and that you are not alone.

If you feel like commenting below with someone who has been there for you, feel free to do so!



2 thoughts on “Being Happy

  1. Stephanie Moore says:

    I love good for the soul conversations like this; they’re always so refreshing with friends and loved ones! I hope you are even happier tomorrow and the next day — despite the trials in life! You’d definitely be surprised how things can do a 180 in just a year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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