Boyfriend & Jewelry

So, as you all know I am now working part-time instead of full time. I am helping my cousin with her kids so she can run errands and whatnot. Well today I am proud to say …

I got a boyfriend, went to prom in a $65 dress, and became president of the drama club!

What? You’re probably thinking aren’t you like almost 25? Why are you going to prom? And how did you find a boyfriend in one day?

Well my friends let me tell you. Actually, let me show you! I know you are probably anxious to see a picture of this lucky guy.


Isn’t he a beauty??? So first of all there is my dress. Not exactly my style, but look at that necklace! mmmhmmm. And then there’s my boyfriend. A red head. Looks tall. When I decided on him, all I had was this head shot, but I am sure he will work out just fine. haha!

You didn’t actually think I got a boyfriend did you???

There is apparently a barbie game where you are required to buy a dress, get a boyfriend, join a club and then go to prom. Needless to say, I WON! Everybody knows I’m about to turn 25 and single. So this red headed boy was much needed. We had a great time at the prom, except for the one time where all he talked about was cars. haha!

On another note … my paparazzi jewelry came today!!! And oh my gosh!!! There are some beautiful pieces!!! Like I want some for myself. I am going to have to order me some. Look at how cute the packaging is too!

If you don’t already follow me on facebook, go to my facebook page to become a member so you know when I am online selling! My first one will be this Saturday!!! So tune in!!

I hope everyone is doing well!! I am doing pretty good! I’m happy 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 11.08.46 PM

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