Things I Miss About Rexburg

So it has been a few years since I have graduated college from Brigham Young University in Idaho.

I loved it there.

Today my sister and her family drove by there and stopped off to walk around the campus as part of their vacation. I was totally jealous.

That being said, I was thinking about the things I loved about Rexburg … and well we all know I love food … so I started thinking about the places I loved to eat there haha!

Fong’s Restaurant 


If you like Chinese food then you need to stop at this restaurant. I love their food! And okay, I always ordered the same thing, but it is because it was so good!!!

I would order the crab cheese wonton’s — and they were so good. I love wontons in general!! I would then order either chicken or beef Lo Mein with rice. So freaking delicious!!! And HUGE portions!!! Plus they give you a free bowl of egg drop soup to start with so … only positives here. haha!

**Note** If you go to Rexburg, go to FONG’S … they opened another called NEW FONG’S … and it wasn’t quite as good. Fong’s was first and has my heart forever haha!



Another one of my favorite places is Millhollow. It was right down the street from where I lived so I went there quite frequently haha! They have really good sandwiches. Like I prefer these over subway. I don’t know how to explain it, but subway has thick bread … this place has thinner bread but the sandwiches are just soooo good. If you toast it … heavenly. Plus they have frozen yogurt … so what’s better than ordering a sandwich and yogurt???!

Brigham Young University Idaho’s Cafeteria


So, if you are ever in Rexburg you should stop by the college campus to get yourself a quesadilla. I know you are probably thinking, seriously Kaitlin? A quesadilla. What is so great about it? But seriously, they are good! And maybe it was because I was a college student … so anything other than ramen or soup tasted good. But I used to get the … I think it was the southwest chicken or something. It was soo good. It wasn’t just cheese. It had a sauce, cheese and chicken. Plus you get fries that are pretty good too! Man … I am making myself sooo hungry now.

Anyway, those are just 3 places I enjoyed eating at. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by one of these places and let me know what you thought of it. There are sooo many other places that are good too. They have some really good bakeries if you are into sweet things. And a place that serves huge hamburgers as a challenge.

Hope you are able to try one sometime! What are some of your favorite places that you think I should try??! Comment below!



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