Faith Vs. Outcome

Hi everyone. I am sorry I haven’t written for awhile. I guess I am the worst at blogging. I have been busy these last few days, and to be honest I just haven’t felt like blogging since I didn’t have my computer.

But guess what??!

I got my computer back today and so I am able to write this post using my computer and it feels amazing!

Yesterday I went to a fireside (where we have a speaker) and it was pretty good. The one thing I got from the speaker was that we need to put our FAITH in CHRIST rather than the outcome.

What does that mean?

How many times do we say we have faith and therefore we expect everything to work out perfectly?

I hate to break it to you but we don’t live in a world where everything is going to work out perfectly, or even how we thought.

So, sometimes we get upset when we have faith and things don’t work out. The problem? Our faith is in the outcome rather than Christ.

Having faith in Christ means trusting Him, regardless of the outcome.

We may be doing our best, and making right choices, and things may not work out.

Look at Christ.

He lived a perfect life, and yet look what happened to Him.

Look at His outcome.

He was bullied, teased, spit on, whipped, accused, betrayed, left alone, and crucified. But He had faith in God. Regardless of the outcome, He knew in whom He trusted.

And so should we.

Sometimes I get discouraged when things don’t go as planned. When unexpected things occur, or even when bad things happen (because they will).

But after this speaker, I realized I am putting my faith in the wrong thing. Why should I expect my life to be perfectly happy 24/7 without any problems, when the one person who lived a perfect life suffered.

This week I want to work on putting my faith in Christ. Not the outcome of things.





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