Sunday Thoughts

So today at church we had some changes. Some people were released from the callings they had. One of my leaders who is going somewhere else told us something funny today but something that I absolutely LOVED!

“Find the fun. When life punches you in the face, say thank you. May I have another? And then find a friend and laugh about it”

I loved this! I think what he was trying to say is that life is going to be hard. We are going to “punched in the face” sometimes. But instead of getting angry about it, or letting it ruin our lives/attitude, we should find the joy in life and be able to laugh at things.

This is something I want to keep in mind.

Don’t focus on those punches.

But be able to have fun and laugh occasionally when those bad things happen. I also loved that he brought up friends. We should enjoy life with those we care about.

I recently had the opportunity to get together with one of my good friends this week and talk about life. It was good. Sometimes just talking to people even if there is nothing they can do, can be good. I used to be a person that was always closed off about everything. When people would ask how I was, I would always say good even if I wasn’t.

Lately, I have opened up to some people about my life and it has been helpful. Some people choose not to talk about things because they feel that nobody needs to know their problems. And I get that. I understand that. I don’t tell everyone my problems. But I feel it can be good to have those few that you can depend on when going through something rough.


We are here to lift one another’s burdens. We are to be disciples of Christ. Do what he would do. Be there to comfort those in need of comfort. Mourn with those who mourn. Sometimes just being there for someone is enough. Letting them know that you are there can be a great blessing.

This week I also did some painting!

I am just starting, and doing random things, but so far they have turned out somewhat okay! I have three more I want to do.




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