Good but Not Good

So this week I finally went to the doctor because I hadn’t been sleeping for two weeks. I was starting to go crazy haha.

I wasn’t sleeping until about 2 am and I was getting up by 8 am. Plus I would wake up during the night a lot.

I always wake up a lot … but this whole not even being able to go to sleep thing was weird. So I decided I would go in to make sure everything was okay.

It was funny because I felt like I was at therapy. I discussed with the doctor all the symptoms I was having and she took my vitals and all that. But then she was talking to me like a counselor. Asking me if I was anxious or stressed. If I was depressed.

She started asking me why I was feeling anxious and stressed. I told her that I was in the process of finding a new job and maybe moving. That I didn’t know what kind of job I wanted anymore.

She asked if I had a timeline or a deadline for myself. I said that I wanted something by September. Anyway, we were talking and she gave me advice even on what job to maybe consider haha!

She told me she thinks I am having symptoms because I am stressed and getting anxious. So she told me that I should NOT think about that stuff at night. That I need to give myself time to calm down and relax from the stress.

She told me I could take melatonin or Tylenol PM if I want to get back in the routine of sleeping.

But to be safe she scheduled 4 lab tests for me. So the next day I fasted and went in for some blood work. Today I got the results.

Everything looks good. Which means that my symptoms are due to stress and anxiety. Who knew I was the one to make myself sick. Haha.

I can’t believe that I am making myself that stressed. And the only way to get rid of the stress is to be stressed and deal with it so I can get rid of it. So stressful!!! Hahaha.

There are some good things going on in my life though that help to ease the stress at times

  • Right now I am getting ready to go to … FLORIDA! I leave on Friday! I am going with my parents, and one of my sisters and her family. We are going to go to Disney World down there!!! It should be fun, but I know I am going to be sooooo hot and sweaty! I might not make it back alive.
  • I have also been doing some painting – simple stuff. But that has been really nice. It feels good when I finish one and hang it on my wall. So far I have some that have actually turned out somewhat decent.
  • I’m on a dating app … which you all know. I love it, but I hate it. I have talked to some pretty rude and disgusting guys on there. But recently I have been talking to someone who is actually a good person. Which is really refreshing. And el habla español so I get to practice my Spanish which is ALWAYS a plus!

So as you can see, I do have some good things going on. I just need to focus on those so I don’t get too stressed out about life.

I am grateful for my Savior. Who is there to help take some of this stress off my shoulders. If I just ask Him.

Life can be difficult sometimes.

But, like los Nicaragüenses say, at least I have my health!

Thank you as well to all of you who support me. I appreciate it. Especially when times are tough.




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