Florida Trip

So for the last few days I was on vacation in Florida. I went with my parents and my younger sister and her family. It was pretty fun.

We got there Friday night. My parents used the time share they had so we got the hotel and tickets to Disney World with that.

Saturday we went to Animal Kingdom. It was okay. It was just super hot! Sweating all the time. It was a cool park, but it was basically just an extra big zoo, so I didn’t think there was anything really special about it. It did have some cool things though. It was just a lot of walking with hardly any rides. They did have a cool area like Avatar.





Sunday we went to church down there in Florida and then we came back to the hotel and took a nap. Haha! Then we just hung around the hotel and we went swimming which was fun! We swam at a perfect time because right after we got back to the hotel, it started raining pretty good.

Monday we went to Magic Kingdom which was way better!!! That park is like Disneyland in California. The great thing was the fast passes there! We went on quite a few rides using the fast passes. They are so much better than the fast passes in California because you literally just walk onto the ride. In California all it does is helps you skip part of the line, but you still have to wait a lot. In Florida with the fast pass you go right up to the front. I think the most we waited in a fast pass line was like 5 minutes and that is only because there were a few people in front of us, or just because it was a farther walk in line. It was awesome!!!





I will say that the ride It’s a Small World in Florida has more culture which was cool! Pirates in California is WAY better. We got to see the Carousel of Progress in Florida which was way cool! It used to be in California. It basically goes through the time periods and shows how things have changed over time.

The other thing that was cool was that we took a ferry over to the park!

Tuesday we relaxed for a bit and then we went to Sea Life there in Florida. It is an aquarium. It was pretty cool. We got to walk through this tunnel where the fish were swimming around, under and over us. There was this huge turtle under us. Pretty cool.






Look how pregnant the seahorse is!






Wednesday we left to come home. It was a long day. We had a 4 hour layover which was rough. On the plane ride I went to open my water bottle … that was a mistake! haha. You guys … my water bottle is one of those that has a straw that you suck through (contingo brand) and when I pushed the button to pop the straw up, it totally sent a volcano of water shooting up!!! I was in such shock and it all happened so fast! It got all over me and went over the seat to the guy in front of me a bit. I quickly shut my bottle and I see the guy looking at the ceiling confused. I tell him I am so sorry that it was me and my water bottle. He laughed and tells me that it is okay as long as it wasn’t the plane it’s fine.

Overall it was a great vacation. Saw new things, spent time with family, and got away from things for a bit.




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