On the Lookout!

Hello my lovelies! So I had this random thought today that may be AMAZING or it may die in the trash can like yesterday’s stinky leftovers.

I had the idea to have you guys help me write some posts. Am I crazy?? 😜 Most likely.

Depending on how many people are interested, I would post maybe 1 a week.

Here is what I was thinking … if any of you are passionate about something, or have visited a place recently that you would love to talk about, or if there is maybe a series you want to start (like poetry, or short stories, or art …), you can email me (on my Contact page) and I will go through and choose which ones to post when.

I’m not picky really. As long as it is clean and appropriate, most likely I will be fine with it. 😇

Let me give you some ideas of what you can send:

  • A quote you love
  • A picture you like
  • A restaurant you enjoy
  • A place to travel
  • Poetry or types of art
  • Recipes
  • Something you are interested in

It doesn’t have to be something long and complex! It can be something simple!

You can either have me include your name (and your blog if you have one) or I can leave it anonymous for the readers. However you prefer it.

I thought this would be fun so that we can all interact with one another on a closer level, and let’s be honest … it would give me a break from writing now and then haha! 😂

So, if you would like to submit a post go ahead and email me (on my Contact page) and I will look at it. If it is a longer post or you want it laid out a certain way, just email me directly at walkingthroughlife1@gmail.com.

Feel free to submit more than one. This will hopefully be a continuous project (I hope it becomes part of the routine), so I expect continuous submissions.

Are you ready??! 😍

Get set …. 😱

GO!!!!! 🤓



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