Today as I was reading I came across a scripture in The Bible that I really love.

It is found in 1 John 4 verses 10 and 19.

10. Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.

19. We love him, because he first loved us.

God loved us so He sent His son for us. His own son. He watched as He was mocked, ridiculed, spit upon, whipped, beaten, and crucified. Imagine the pain a father must feel to watch that happen to their very own child.

What greater act of love can we ask for than a friend who lays down their life for us? That is pure love.

How can I repay that? I can’t. Not fully. But I can show my love to them. I can follow them. I can try everyday to do my best.

I love God because He loves me.

How do I know He loves me?

I was pondering this tonight as I reflected on the most recent blessings I have received.

I am currently working two jobs. I am not a believer in coincidences. I don’t think things just happen.

Well, a few weeks ago BOTH of my jobs cancelled and told me they didn’t need me on the EXACT same days. At first I thought, “that’s crazy weird. At least I will be able to have full days off”. Well, it wasn’t by chance that both of my jobs went on vacation at the same time.

I ended up taking my brother and his family to the airport the first day, and then the other 3 days I spent in the hospital looking out for my older sister and her baby.

Coincidence? Definitely not.

God knew I needed to be free those days to serve and love my family.

This is what I had posted on Facebook about the event.

❤️When you love someone you make time for them. When you love someone you put them first before yourself. It means sacrifice, compassion, time, service, and happiness. I may not have an eternal companion yet – someone I have fallen in love with. But I can say that I have so many other people in my life who I do love. Lots of others I show compassion to, sacrifice things for and serve. This week was one of those weeks as I was able to be there for my sister and her family while she had her baby. It was a wonderful experience to help take care of the baby and do whatever was needed to make things easier. I was able to help my brother as him and his family got ready for a vacation and I was able to take them to the airport. ❤️

❤️I recently started a second job and so I just started working full time again after my job at Leport for 2 years and it has been such a blessing to be working this much again. It’s tiring, but I can honestly say that God is looking out for me. Things don’t just happen randomly. With both of my jobs something amazing happened this week. Both of my jobs decided to take a vacation and didn’t need me Thursday or Friday. At first I was excited but then a bit bummed because that meant two days of no pay. But God knew why I needed to be free those days. Wednesday morning I wasn’t needed at my first job, and it just so happened that my brother needed me to take them to the airport Wednesday morning. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Thursday I find out my sister needs me to come down and stay the night to help out since she wasn’t home yet. So Thursday through Saturday I was able to be down there and help wherever needed. Coincidence? I don’t think so. ❤️

❤️God knows where we are needed. He knows who needs our help. He knows when we ourselves need to be uplifted. This was one of those weeks where God cleared my schedule to help those I love, and gave me experiences that helped build me up as a person. It reaffirmed to me of what I want and what I have this in life. A family of my own to love, and my family that I already have that I love and will continue to love. ❤️

❤️There are no coincidences. God knows all. And I thank him this day for the amazing people in my life and for these amazing tender mercies this week. To Him I owe everything. I’m truly blessed. ❤️

Then, all within 3 days I got ahold of a school director, got a job interview, AND got the position. The pay is better than what I got paid at my last school, good benefits, and I’ll have the opportunity to see one of my old co-workers there.

God blessed me again.

I have also had the opportunity to get to know a new person which has been quite fun. I have been trying to put myself out there more, which can be extremely difficult. But I keep trying. I keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

I may not know what will happen on my journey in this life. I may not know what lies ahead, but I do know one thing.

God loves me and He is looking out for me.

I may be confused at times, or even frustrated with how things are going in life sometimes. But when I stop and really focus on my life, I realize I am not forgotten. God cares, and I just need to put my trust in Him. Show my love by understanding that He really does know best.

I hope all of you have felt His love recently. I know He loves you and cares about you.




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