Tender Mercy 1

I have decided to share with you the tender mercies that happen each day to me.

The good things that come to pass.

You see, every day God is watching out for us.

Sometimes we may feel He isn’t there, or that our day was absolutely terrible … but there’s always something good in every day.

Even if it’s small.

When we force ourselves to reflect back on our day we can realize the small and simple things that did go right despite whatever negative things happened.

Since I don’t have a job right now, I am at home a lot. Which can be good … and also bad. I have been able to get some cleaning done. A bit of reading. But A LOT of binge watching Netflix.

Today my tender mercy however was when I decided to take a drive. I drove down the Pacific Coast Highway by Laguna and Dana Point.

I drove the twisty roads by the cliffs, watching the waves comes crashing in. It was so beautiful to drive by!!!

I drove through the small towns, looking at homes on mountain sides overlooking the ocean.

I saw true beauty.

After being inside all day and seeing the same stuff, this drive made me appreciate and realize the true beauty of God’s creations.

It was a small moment where I felt free and happy. Not really knowing where I was driving to, but just driving and admiring the beauty around me.

I believe things are going to be okay for me. They may seem rough right now, but everyone has those moments.

I look forward to the future and in seeing who I will become and what I will do.



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