The Atonement

I have been reading this book called, “The Infinite Atonement” and it is so good! It has taken me a few years but that is because I read it periodically. Today this is what I read.

“It is related of Lord Byron that when he was a lad attending school, a companion of his fell under the displeasure of a cruel, overbearing bully, who unmercifully beat him. Byron happened to be present, but knowing the uselessness of undertaking a fight with the bully, he stepped up to him and asked him how much longer he intended to beat his friend. ‘What’s that to you?’ gruffly demanded the bully. ‘Because,’ replied young Byron, the tears standing in his eyes, ‘I will take the rest of the beating if you will let him go’.

-B.H. Roberts


“The Savior takes ‘the rest of the beating’ for those who submit their will to his.”

-Tad R. Callister


“It is a glorious thought – the Lord will judge us by what we have become, not by what we were.”

-Tad R. Callister


I know that Christ is there for us. That He will help us if we turn ourselves to Him. I know that repentance is real and that He cares about what we have become rather than who we were.



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