Tender Mercy 3

So today I was able to go into the interview that I had scheduled. The interview itself was fine. Pretty casual which helped. Not to mention I looked great (haha!) which always boosts your confidence.

Other than the interview that went well, my tender mercy today was …

  • I had dinner with my parents tonight and then we watched a comedy show. Now this is kind of our routine for Friday’s so it wasn’t anything special … but I appreciate the moments that I do have with my family.

I am living at home right now and there are always pros and cons to that. But I know I need to learn to appreciate the times we do spend together because things won’t be like this forever. I look at my grandpa right now who is struggling with his health, and I have seen all my aunts and uncles step up to help which is super sweet. And I want to make sure that when my parents are older, that I can feel like I lived a fulfilling life with them. That I made the most of my time with my family. And that starts by making the most of these small moments.

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