A Blast From the Past

So today I was looking through my box of old letters and photos that I have in my room and I found this letter I had written in school back in 2007!!! I was 13 years old and just reading the letter made me cringe and laugh. Let me share with you what my little 13 year old wrote to my future self hahahah.

First of all … I apparently wrote a few sentences in Spanish. I was trying to say I have brown eyes … but that is not what I wrote! haha!!! My bad. Brown is Marrón but I wrote Marano. I put lines on things I wanted to keep out of the letter. So if you see ___ that is what that means. Also, I think it is hilarious that I write it and ask questions as if I am talking to someone else haha. It is still me! Plus, I say I like paddle tennis … did I mean to say ping pong?? HAHA!


May 30, 2007

Dear Kaitlin Chase,

How’s it going? How was High School? I hope you kept your grades up. Do you remember Vista View Middle School, and all the great times we had? In sixth grade we had the tomato plant project in science, with Mrs. Mercer, and we had outdoor Ed. Our cabin leader was Carlie, and we were with Amy Washburn, Kyra Yeast, Katia Batar (___), Britany To, and more. In seventh grade we went to Knott’s Berry Farm. We went with Kyra Yeast. In 8th grade we had Yosemite! It was so fun. We were in cabin #247 with Kyra Yeast (___), Amy Washburn, and Claire Dewilde. We also (will) have promotion. It hasn’t happened yet, but I know it will be fun.

Let’s see in 8th grade you had brown hair, a little longer than shoulder length, ears pierced (one in each ear), wearing no make-up (not allowed), no boyfriend (duh, not til I’m 16) and weighed … be prepared ______ (the bright side, you’ve lost 18.2 pounds) ☺️ Your friends were and hopefully still are Amy Washburn, Aubree Johnson, Claire Dewilde and Amanda Johnson.

Our goals right now are to hopefully have gotten good grades in High School, go to BYU, get married to a returned missionary and in the Newport temple. We want to have at least three kids, unless you’ve changed your mind.

I don’t know if you remember this, but we liked _____ (at school), and ______ (church). Are you friends with them, or at least know what ward ____ is in? Do you still keep in contact with Catrina Jones? Did she marry Mike Brinkman? How many more nieces and nephews do we have? Do we have a boyfriend? Do you still want to be a teacher? If not, what will be your job? Hopefully not a cheap one?! 😊

In 8th grade you read this really good book called Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The second book is New Moon, but you are still on the first. There is also a third book which will come out August 2007. I also just found out that there’s a book that came out which is the vampire’s (Edward) point of view. You also read a really good book called Inkheart. You just got the second one called Inkspell. You also got the book called Mr. Monk goes to Hawaii. It’s really good.

Tv Shows: You liked Reba, Mr. Monk, Zoey 101, Dancing With the Stars, Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, and more. You wanted to see Pirates 3, and Shrek the Third. Have you? You also wanted to see Ratatouille. (I think that’s how you spell it).

Your favorite teachers at Vista View that you had were: Mrs. Huntington (8th), Mr. Barger (6th, 7th), Mrs. Smith (8th), Mrs. Nimmons (6th), Mrs. Lande (8th, she was only fun), Mrs. Engessar (6th, for PE, but she left), you pretty much liked all your teachers.

Do you still keep in contact with Kyra Yeast? ________________________________ You haven’t been “friends” since 8th grade.

Oh, do you have a later curfew, or “bed time”? Right now it’s 9:00, although sometimes 9:30! You shared a room with Becca upstairs. Do you still share a room? Do you still have posters of Zac Efron? Do you even like Zac Efron anymore? If not, what famous star do you like?!

I hope you are more outgoing! Did you pass Spanish 1 & 2, and did you take chorus after? I hope you have more friends! I hope you’re still nice! ☺️

Your favorite food (well, food you liked) were pizza, chili dogs, homemade chicken casserole, and tacos! You loved In-N-Out, Del Taco and Taco Bell, McDonalds (a lot of people don’t), and Chinese food.

You loved to do Sudoko ‘s, word searches, reading (of course), listening to music (and singing). You liked shooting hoops (not a real game), jumprope, the wii, DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), Paddle Tennis was fun, and definitely not volleyball. Your best mile time in middle school was … 10:25! Usually we get 11-12 min! What times were you getting in high school? Hopefully good ones!!

You should know how to speak Spanish, but right now, not so much. Even though you took Spanish 1 in 8th grade you had trouble writing it. You didn’t know where accents went, or what order you write it in. Here, can you understand this? Hola, me llama Kaitlin. Yo vivo en Westminster, CA. Yo tengo tres hermanos y tres hermanas. Yo tengo marano ojos. Pretty good for a beginner, huh?! Yeah, not really.

Did you get your patriarchal blessing yet? I hope you pay attention to what it said. Just remember that you are a daughter of Heavenly Father. I love you!

Love, always

Kaitlin Chase

P.S. Do we still have Roxie, Nugget, Coco, the pond (small, or did we get the big pond), and fish? If not, what do we have?

Also who is the US Pres, and the church Pres?

Have there been any earthquakes? Hopefully not. Are you going to BYU?! You better!

Just want to know, do you still like precious moments?! I do! Do you still like to draw? I do! Did you take singing lessons? Piano? Anything?



Just for clarification this is what I looked like then. This was our Yosemite trip.


And yes, I do realize how ridiculous I looked. Look at that nasty hair, and those glasses!!! I had regular glasses that would turn dark like sun glasses. So imagine this girl writing that hilarious letter. I love it!!! I know I have written other letters to myself in my journals. I will have to search and see.

Anyways, this post is extremely long, but next time I will have to answer my 13 year old self!

Love you guys!






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