Tender Mercy 4

Today was kind of an interesting day. First of all, I woke up sooo late!!! Like way later than I normally do. I have no idea why! I have been having trouble sleeping again, but still!

  • In the late afternoon my mom surprised me by asking if I wanted to get my hair cut. I of course took her up on this offer because I haven’t had any extra money since I don’t have a job. So that was nice!!! Getting the dead ends cut so my hair can grow healthy.


  • I also haven’t been super social lately. And my sinus problems have been acting up lately. I get a lot of pressure built behind my eyes and head and it can sometimes just be too much to where it makes me feel nauseous. Well today I was able to go out after much convincing and get hot chocolate with some friends. So that was nice to be able to get out since I don’t do much right now.

So, I am grateful for friends and family who look out for me!! ❤️

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