Tender Mercy 5

Today was actually a really good day. And today I pushed down a fear.

Since being back home I have always feared to speak Spanish. I honestly believe that God blessed me when I served in Nicaragua. I learned to talk to anyone and everyone that we passed. I had no problem inviting people to read the scriptures, come to church, or be baptized.

However, being home I have reversed back into my old ways of being reserved. This includes speaking Spanish. I am always afraid people will judge me – especially other “white” people who learned Spanish.

I message people from Nicaragua a lot on WhatsApp. However, I rarely talk on the phone due to my fear.

  • Today I decided to just get over it and do it. Today I was able to talk on the phone with a young man who I visited back when I was in Nicaragua. When I first met this young man he wasn’t going to church. Every time we would invite him to church with his brother, he would always tell us he would go … but never would. I remember one day I was leading the music in church and in he walked. I couldn’t believe it. After weeks of inviting, he finally came. What is even more amazing is that he kept coming! Every Sunday that followed, there he was. He then helped us teach some of his friends! He then went and served a mission (just like I did)! He changed completely. It was a sweet moment to be able to talk to him on the phone for a bit. (It did hit me that I really need to speak with people who speak Spanish as their first language because I forgot how fast they can speak haha).

I am very grateful for the people I have come to know in all parts of the world, in various stages of my life. I am grateful to those I have been able to serve, and I grateful for those who have served me.

May we all reach out to those we may have forgotten about, and let them know how much they mean to us.



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