Replying to Myself

For those of you who didn’t read my post about a letter I wrote to my future self when I was 13, I decided to go ahead and reply to that letter. You can find the letter on my blog post titled A Blast From the Past.

December 2, 2018

Dear past self,

Things are going fine. High School was well, High School. You made some new friends there who are still your good friends today. One of your friends that still stuck around is Claire, so that’s pretty exciting!

I do remember Vista View a bit. I remember those pizza sticks we used to order for lunch sometimes for .50 cents.

Let’s see right now we still have brown hair – although I must admit, there was a time when we dyed our hair purple/red. It was a crazy thing to do, but we loved it! We still only have one piercing in each ear, but the good news is we do wear makeup now! And it is much needed! haha. We still don’t have a boyfriend, but we have dated some. As far as weight goes, well sorry to break it to you girlfriend but we are up a lot!!

Yes we still keep in contact a bit with Amy, Aubree, Claire, and Amanda. Not like we used to, but yes.

I am glad you had such great goals set for us. I am happy to say that we did get good grades in High School. We went to BYU but in Idaho, but we LOVED every stressful, crazy, fun minute of it. We have not gotten married yet, but I am sure that whoever we marry will be great. 3 kids is still a good number, so that is about the same.

As far as the boys we liked, no I don’t keep in touch with them at all. And funny enough, yes Catrina did marry Mike and they have a big beautiful family! We have a lot of nieces and nephews now!! Everyone is married but us, so we now have 24 nieces and nephews. Crazy huh?!

We were an assistant teacher for about 2 years at a Montessori school. Right now you are kind of confused in your life, and trying to figure things out. We are thinking of taking a few classes to do our original plan and be a Child Life Specialist. So right now we are jobless, but not to worry we will figure things out!!! I promise we won’t stay with this cheap job (meaning no job) hahaha.

Yes, we finally saw the third Pirates, and Shrek the Third. Pirates is a classic. We also saw Ratatouille. That was a cute one. Recently we watched The Incredibles 2, Coco (which makes us cry every time), and The Greatest Showman (which has amazing music!).

No we don’t have contact with Kyra anymore. We went our separate ways, but that is okay because you made some new amazing friends. Right now you are pretty close to Jake Hopkins and Khailey Campos. They are the two friends keeping you afloat right now.

Well we are 25 now, so we don’t have a curfew haha! We tend to go to bed late. When we don’t work we can’t really sleep. So lately we have been having trouble falling asleep.

We don’t share a room with Becca anymore – mainly because she is married. I don’t think they would appreciate that! haha!

We do not have posters of Zac Efron anymore. Sorry. Although he has grown up and looks just as good.

We are not outgoing, but we did serve a mission which I am sure is a shocker! So we became outgoing for the mission, and then reverted back to our ways haha!

We did not take chorus, but we are still nice! So that counts right!?

Those are pretty much still my favorite food places. Although I would add Mexican food now.

I do have to say though … you said we liked paddle tennis. Did we mean Ping Pong? We still like Ping Pong, but we don’t play much.

The mile run we did where we got 10:25 was my best one haha. We have just gotten slower and more curvier.

We do know how to speak Spanish now! Thanks to the mission where we went to Nicaragua. Sólo quiero decir que lo que escribimos en 2007 no era correcto jaja. But not to worry we can speak better now!

We did get our patriarchal blessing, and thank you for the reminder. I need to read it more. I need to remember that I am a daughter of God.

We still have Roxie which is crazy!!! Nugget and Coco passed away. But we do have the bigger pond in our backyard and the fish are HUGE!

The US president right now is Trump and the church president is Nelson.

Yes there have many earthquakes in the world. We are getting close to the end and there have been a lot of natural disasters. Lately there have been a lot of fires heres in California.

We still like Precious Moments, but we aren’t really collecting them as much. We stopped taking piano lessons, but on the plus side we have started painting. So at least we are trying something!

I guess the one piece of advice I would give to my future self reading this letter is to not give up. Times are going to get hard, and sometimes we may feel like we just can’t keep going, but I promise you that you can do it if you let God help you. Don’t forget that there are people around who love you, and who are here to help!





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