Christmas Cheer & Selfies?

Okay, so there is this youtube channel called Studio C that posts funny comedy sketches. I came across this new one today and wanted to share it with you guys because this stuff actually happens!!

Have you noticed how many people take pictures of everything they do? You go out to a restaurant and there are people taking pictures of their food. People are taking selfies left and right. They are posting everything they do. I mean look at me, I do it. Haha!

I will say, I used to take a lot of pictures of everything I did. But recently I have tried to embrace and enjoy the moment rather than taking selfies or photos of my food. I also haven’t been posting much on Facebook about myself. So unless people read my blog, most people don’t know a whole lot that is going on.

I still have youtubers though that I follow and love haha! I don’t mind that they post about themselves 24/7.

Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas … here is a little laugh for you from Studio C! It is called A Very Viral Christmas. I hope you enjoy!

What was the last photo you took?? A picture with Santa?

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