Tender Mercy 7

Today I didn’t want to get out of bed! My body was fighting hard to stay under my comfortable warm covers. However, I had to get up and get ready because we had our Orkin guy come today to spray the outside of the house.

  • Today my mom treated me to lunch which was nice! I was able to get In-N-Out which is always a treat! Such a simple menu, yet so delicious!!! Lunch was my mom’s way of saying thank you for running errands for her today.


  • I was also able to make some chocolate chip cookies today! I finally and went and bought more flour so I actually had ingredients to make them! Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies??! Only crazy people! haha.


  • I was also reading in the scriptures today and there was a phrase that kept being repeated. It was, “have you forgotten…”. After reading that phrase over and over, it made me start to ponder and ask myself, “have I forgotten?”. Have I forgotten the true meaning of Christmas? Have I forgotten what it means to take upon me the name of Christ? Have I forgotten the miracles Christ did while on my mission? Have I forgotten how He helped me through my trials? Have I forgotten that I am a child of God? Have I forgotten? We tend to forget very easily, and I think that is why the Lord is constantly having to remind us. That is why we should always pray, read the scriptures, and why we should always ponder.


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