Is This Real Life??!

Obviously I am obsessed with Youtube right now haha! What can I say, I love the technology we have.

Speaking of technology I came across this video that blew my mind!!! First of all, the fact that people are so smart and can create amazing things. Second, technology just keeps blowing my mind! Like what?!

Okay, have any of you done any virtual reality stuff? I tried it once where I was in a land of dinosaurs. I mean it felt so real, it was freaky. I was so squeamish. I do have evidence of that on tape, but nobody needs to see that right now haha.

Anyway, I came across this video of this guy who was on America’s Got Talent and did this crazy skit! I mean, holy cow! I love it!!!

We have come so far from where we were! The things we can do today are incredible!!!

Watch this video and tell me that your mind isn’t blown afterwards!

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