You Too Can Be Forgiven

I was reading in The Infinite Atonement written by Tad R. Callister and I came across a part that I really liked and wanted to share.

We all make mistakes.

We all mess up.

We all falter at times.

The important thing is that we get back up when we do fall. It’s not if we fall, it’s when we fall.

We have a tendency to look around and put certain people on pedestals. We treat certain people as if they are perfect. As if nothing can change them. But the truth is, that none of us are perfect.

We all struggle.

The difference is that we all struggle with different things.

And it’s what we do when we struggle that makes us different.

Some of us when we fall, decide to stay down. It’s like if we fall down on the gravel, sometimes we may decide to stay down because it’s easier. We may decide to just crawl, allowing more scratches and more gravel to enter in our wounds.

We sometimes believe that giving in to the fall is easier than trying to stand back up after we have hurt ourselves. So we give up.

We sometimes give in and say that staying down is easier. We may not want to get up and deal with people’s comments, feeling judged, feeling guilty, having withdrawals, losing friends, feeling unworthy, etc. So we say forget it. I’m staying down here where it’s easier. I’ve already fallen, I might as well just stay here.

But that is just not true.

“Among its many blessings, the Atonement brings peace. It not only cleanses us, but it consoles us. I have found from practical experience that these two blessings do not always come hand in hand. On occasion, I have met with good Saints whom I believe have fully repented and partaken of the cleansing power of the Savior’s sacrifice, but who still confess that they live with troubled consciences. They do not see how the Lord can possibly forgive them for what they have done.”

– Tad R. Callister

Yes, for a time it may seem easier to stay down. It may seem less painful for a time. But without standing up and getting the proper treatment, you only end up hurting yourself even more.

It is the same when we sin. When we make a mistake. If we decide to stay in our sins and not do anything about it, eventually we will become so weak we force ourselves to stay down because we physically cannot get ourselves to stand up.

Sometimes we choose to stay down because we feel that we cannot be forgiven. We feel that whatever we did was too big. We feel that we deserve to be punished and never be forgiven. We may think that we need to feel that guilt as a punishment for the rest of our lives.

All of that is just not true.

We can be forgiven.

We can be free.

We can be healed.

But we have to choose to make that decision to stand up. And we don’t have to do it alone. God has given us that crutch, His hand, a friend, a way to get back up.

Don’t ever think that you don’t deserve to be forgiven. If you truly believe in Christ, then you need to believe in His power. For in Christ, all things are possible.

“While believing in Christ and his Atonement, some people have innocently, but incorrectly, placed limits on his regenerative powers. They have somehow converted an infinite Atonement into a finite one. They have taken the Atonement and circumscribed it with an artificial boundary that somehow falls short of their particular sin…These saints are tougher on themselves than even the Savior might be.”

– Tad R. Callister

I know that sometimes we tend to be harder on ourselves. When a friend comes to us and tells us of their struggles we may be very understanding, loving, and forgiving towards them. But when we ourselves do something, we have a harder time letting go.

I want to tell those of you who may be struggling, that God loves you. For those who have been down in the gravel for a long time, or for those who have just fallen, it is never too late to stand up. I can’t promise you it will be easy, but I know that with time it will be worth it.

Your wounds will heal.

Your heart will be whole.

And you will feel peace.

And if you feel like you just don’t have the strength to stand up, then ask God to help you. I know that He will. And if you stand up, and trip again, do not fear. Just stand up again.

Don’t ever feel like you deserve or that you have to stay down. Because I can tell you, you don’t. But if you don’t believe that you can or should stand up, then it will be impossible.

God loves you. He knows we aren’t perfect. That is why He died for us. The Atonement is infinite. It covers all sin, all ages, all sex, all pain, all times, everything.

And that means you.

You were worth it.

Just have faith in Christ. Not just that He is real, but that His powers are real and can be used on you.

“To have faith in his identity is only half the principle. To have faith in his ability and in his power to cleanse and to save, that is the other half.”

-Stephen Robinson



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