Inspired & In Love

There is this amazing Youtube channel that I watch. It’s called Special Books by Special Kids. It’s this guy that goes around and interviews people with special conditions to show just how amazing they are.

And let me just say they are amazing!!

So I just watched this one today and it made me cry. There are many people in this world who struggle with different trials and I can’t believe how positive most of them are! I struggle with stupid things like sinus problems or headaches, or getting a paper cut, and I turn negative. I am a negative Nelly.

And then we have people like this sweet 16 year old who struggles with this problem EVERY DAY and is hopeful, loving, charitable, funny, and positive.

I truly believe that those who have conditions like this boy are some of God’s strongest children.

There is no way I could live with something like that. But I have noticed that those who go through cancer, rare diseases, or any other health problem have a positive outlook. They change the world. They help others to realize that there can be positives even in the worse moments. They are some of the strongest.

I am so grateful for people like this young boy who change the world. Who make the world just a little bit brighter. ❤️

Maybe we can learn a lesson from John and learn to appreciate what we have, and try to spread that love and positivity.

“Just because something happened, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It just means it’s hard”



“If you literally can’t do anything about it, then make the best of it”


I have attached both versions below. (sorry, it wouldn’t let me attach the actual video in the post). The first clip is about 3 minutes long, and the full interview is about 14 minutes.

Short clip of John

Full Interview with John



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