Tender Mercy 9

So today was kind of a crazy day. Some negative things definitely happened today. Things that were a bit stressful and overwhelming for sure.

I had some bank problems, and it rained so much today that we found one of our bedrooms filled with some water. So that was all fun haha.

I will say this though, there are tender mercies every day! ❤️

So, my mom was stressed because we found the room with water. So we got towels and starting mopping it up. We placed towels on the windowsill and the floor to soak up any more water that was going to come in.

I then noticed that our pond in the backyard was VERY full. I mean, the water was level with the sidewalk – that’s how full. If the fish were to sneeze, they would flop out hahah!

  • My mom called my dad who was away visiting his parents and she was telling him all the problems going on because of the rain. My mom also had other stressful things going on that day, so the rain stuff was just adding to it. So needless to say she was very overwhelmed.  No joke you guys – by the time she got off the phone with my dad, the rain stopped. The sun actually came out for a bit – which helped dry up some of the water. It did rain again after that, but there was a nice break where it finally stopped and we didn’t have to worry about the pond flooding over, or more leaks. We did have to change the towels because they were soaked, but it wasn’t flooded like earlier. And, the fish kept their sneezes inside, so nobody flopped out. hahah 🐠


  • The other good thing that happened today was that I actually slept good! Well, by good I mean I slept through the night pretty good. I still have trouble going to sleep, BUT I got way more sleep than the previous night!


  • I also actually painted today! I almost finished another painting. I just have a little left to do. And I am actually quite fond of this painting. It’s a shame I give some of them away. I would keep them all haha! You should see my room. It is covered with all these paintings I have done haha! It’s like my own personal art gallery. 😂



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