Tender Mercy 10

You guys, today was a stressful day. 😩

I couldn’t sleep yet again last night.

I went upstairs to bed about 10pm. I read my scriptures, wrote for a little bit, and was on my phone for a bit. Then I just laid in bed restless as time passed. Hour after hour after hour. I would lay on my back for a bit and then get restless. I would switch to my side for a bit and then get restless. After a few hours I decided to put on a podcast and just listen to that, hoping it would put me to sleep. Well 2 podcasts later I was still awake and restless.

Let me tell you, trying to sleep when your body won’t let you is soooo exhausting and frustrating.

After the two podcasts I then put on a breathing meditation sleep soundtrack thing. It helped me relax a bit, but I was still awake.

Finally, sometime after 2am I was able to fall asleep.

Any suggestions on what I can do??

I have tried melatonin (doesn’t work), music, podcasts, reading, and just laying there.

I know that last time when I couldn’t sleep for about 3 weeks, the doctor told me she thought it was due to stress. At the time I was looking for a job. And well, what do you know … I am looking for another job. So I am thinking it may just be stress in my life that is causing my body to freak out and not sleep. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Anyway, there were two good things that happened today.

  • I finished my painting finally!! Woohoo!! So now all I have to do is write a Christmas card to go with it and send it off!


  • I got a call today from AppleOne to come in for an interview on Monday. So, the situation with AppleOne is kind of confusing. I had an interview scheduled with the one in Huntington Beach a long time ago, but they weren’t very nice. I guess I should say not very welcoming. They called me the morning of my interview and told me they probably wouldn’t be able to help me. So, I didn’t go in. Well fast forward to today and a lady from the one in Cypress called me asking me to come in because she has some places that I would be a good fit for. She was SUPER nice and explained that her job is to talk to me up and promote me to companies and explain all my strengths to them. Anyway, I am excited to meet with her and see what positions she thinks I would be good for.


  • We also went out to dinner with my sister and her family which was a surprise! So that was nice to visit with them and talk about their vacation that they just took. Plus they have a small baby so it’s always fun to hold him!


  • The last good thing that happened today is I met with some missionaries from my church and they were able to share a small message with me. They asked me how I was doing and just got to know me more. So that was nice. If anyone has any questions about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and want to know why we do or don’t do certain things, feel free to ask me! Or we can get together with the missionaries who are great at explaining these things since they do it all day! Or you can always just come to our church to see for yourself! Our doors are open to everyone ☺️

I hope all of you also had a few good things that happened today.

I went and bought some zzzquil today so fingers crossed that this stuff will knock me out cold tonight hahaha!!!

Love you all and remember that God is real.





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