Tender Mercy 11

So if you haven’t realized already I am writing the tender mercies that happen every day. These tender mercy posts have kind of become my journal entries along with the tender mercy for the day.

  • First off, good news! That zzzquil stuff worked. I will admit I took 1.5 capfuls instead of 1 … but it did the trick. I was able to fall asleep before 12. I was asleep by probably 11:30. So yay!! ✨✨✨

Today was a pretty easy day. I got to relax this morning. I was so happy because we have avocados right now and so obviously I had some with breakfast. What I like to do is toast a piece of bread, spread avocado on it, sprinkle a bit of cheese, add some salt, and then place a cooked egg (a bit runny) on the top. So freaking delicious!!!

  • Another good thing that happened today is we got a package in the mail from my Grandpa and Grandma that live in Wyoming. We haven’t opened them yet because they are for Christmas. We still need to get our tree … so when we do we can finally place the presents under there. So that was a nice surprise to get a gift from them. It is always a nice thought to know that someone cares and was thinking of you.
  • I also became a platinum member with yogurtland … I guess this means I’m making my way up in this world hahaha!
  • Also, tonight we drove out to Los Angeles because my niece was performing in High School Musical. She was Kelsi (the piano player). My niece is so passionate about singing and acting, and so it’s so fun to hear her talk about it because she is so passionate about it. She radiates when you ask her anything about acting or singing. It’s adorable.

Overall, I would say this was a pretty good Saturday! Not boring that’s for sure!

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