Tender Mercy 12

Today was a pretty average day. I got up this morning and I picked somebody up for church.

I also actually went to choir at church which was a total fail! Haha! It’s just a pretty song but it’s a bit complicated and I’m not a singer – so that was very interesting haha! I’m so sorry for those who had to hear me try and sing the weird notes. I know it was bad.

We also had a baptism today at church which is always exciting when someone feels ready to make that special covenant with God.

Nothing amazing happened today, but I will say this:

  • I was kind of out of it today. A bit tired and antisocial I guess you could say. So it was really nice when someone at church randomly smiled at me when I was a bit out of it.
  • Also can I just say how nice it was this morning to wake up and just stay in bed for a bit. I had my electric blanket and was so cozy and didn’t want to get up. I ended up getting breakfast and then got in bed to lay down for 30 minutes before getting ready and it felt so nice. My bed is my best friend haha.

Tomorrow there will be lots of things to share but I don’t want to spoil the surprise yet!

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