Tender Mercy 14

  • So today I was able to finish another painting. Woohoo! It took me almost 4 hours. The good thing when I paint is that I don’t eat haha! So it’s kind of like a small diet because I didn’t eat lunch until 3 because I was so busy 😂

I was able to run some errands for my mom today and silly me forgot to bring bags when I went to the grocery store. In CA you have to pay for plastic bags now … so if you forget yours … you either pay for some, or just don’t use bags haha.

  • When I was at the store I was able to get the first open spot in front of the store which was super nice! And because of that I actually had the desire and moved my lazy butt to push the cart back in the store once I unloaded my groceries haha.

Okay, so I have been watching the show The Flash and I am actually really in love with this show. Has anyone else seen it? I am on season 4 and I really like it. I like sci fi stuff, and I really enjoy the characters and the actors they chose for the show. Intense, silly, emotional and tricky all in one.

Another thing I am obsessed with, and maybe I’m crazy … but Digiorno’s pepperoni pizza is so good. I cook it so it’s a little crispy. I dip it in some ranch. Yummmmm! 🍕

Also, random thing … I woke up this morning with like really chapped and dry lips. So that was fun to wake up to haha! I have been applying chapstick all day.

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