A New Year, New Me

Hello, my name is Kaitlin. I’m 25 years old and I’ve made the decision to start Weight Watchers again starting January 1st, 2019. I know some of you may think, why wait? Just start now. There’s not a better time to start than today.

While I agree with that thinking, with Christmas coming up, I don’t want to worry about it. I don’t want to start Weight Watchers and then get discouraged over Christmas and stop so soon.

So right now I have been making goals. I made a goal of where I want to be in 2 years, 1 year, and then I broke it down to see what I would have to loose each month and week.

I am giving myself 2 years so I don’t feel too pressured, so I can lose the weight at a steady pace, and so it’s a reasonable goal I can actually attain. I need to lose about 92 pounds (I will weigh myself on the morning of December 31st to get the exact number). So, it’s kind of scary.

But I am at the most I have ever been in my life and it has come to the point where I hate looking at my body in the mirror. I hate the way I look in my clothes. And I know that is a VERY unhealthy weight.

So as part of my preparation, these are some things I am planning on doing. And if you have any other suggestions or ideas for me, please let me know!

I have a mason jar that I want to fill with colored pebbles to visually show my weight loss. I have enough pebbles for the weight I need to lose. I want to keep this in my room on my dresser for me to see everyday as a reminder.

I have a weight loss chart that I can color in for each pound I lose that I will have hanging on my wall.

I have my goals written down so I can see how much I would need to lose each month.

I am going to create a why list for why I want to lose the weight. Another Weight Watchers member suggested I make a list on my phone and every time I think of a new why, add it to my list.

I am going to do exercises at home. I am going to try and start by doing 3 days of exercise a week – because let’s be honest I am VERY out of shape and I don’t want to overdo it right away.

On the Weight Watchers app, they have groups that you can join where you can post pictures, statuses, etc. So my goal is to go on there every day for inspiration and to post when I am feeling down or discouraged. I joined a group of other 20 year olds where I can meet people my age who are also trying to lose weight which is pretty cool.

I want 2019 to be the year where I am not a quitter because we all know I have quit this many times before haha. But when I look at people on the Weight Watchers app and see that there are actual people who make their goals, it always amazes me. It makes me want to be one of them. It makes me wonder what I would actually look like if I was 90 pounds lighter.

So, starting January I may post on here some of my progress with Weight Watchers. But I will try not to go overboard with it.

I have made other goals for myself that are not weight related, and I will share those with you in another post. ☺️



2 thoughts on “A New Year, New Me

  1. JaShin Panza says:

    I love this post! Wishing you the best of 2019! And if you need someone to exercise with … hit me or “us” up … we want to start a healthier lifestyle too! Does Weight Watchers make you keep a food and water intake journal? The program we did to prep for our wedding had us do that. It helped a lot.

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