Tender Mercy 18 – Christmas Spirit

Today, the greatest tender mercy was by far ….

  • Getting our tree and decorating it. We were able to put some presents under the tree already, and so now it really feels like Christmas. We have our lights, tree, decorations, and stockings out so now all we need is the actual day to come. It was nice to just listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree. This Christmas is a little harder since my grandpa just passed away. I know it’s especially hard for my dad. I can’t even fathom what it is like to lose a parent. So while the Christmas season is a happy one, it does have moments of sadness right now. That’s the thing with grief. It comes in waves. One moment you are happy to sing Christmas songs, while the next you break down in tears thinking of the loved one you miss. So as hard of a time this is, I also think it’s a good time because it’s a time where as a family we can lift one another up. ❤️

Today was pretty busy. I ran to the Dollar Tree to buy some stuff for our family party. Luckily I survived the crazy driver in the parking lot (honestly I don’t know how some people have a license).

I got the house ready for my mom’s piano recital. Put out the cookies and juice (we bought TOO many, so guess who has to eat the rest haha).

After the recital my mom and I went grocery shopping and to the post office (sadly it was closed already). Then my parents and I went to get our tree!

So today was a go go go type of day.

  • I will say this – and this is a tender mercy from my eyes … with the passing of my grandpa I think it has definitely affected all of us. It has made us all appreciate life, reflect back on things, communicate with one another, love more, etc. There has been some tension in my life, but the one thing I love is that when emergencies happen, it is a tender mercy to see family and friends get together and help where they can. It will be different without my grandpa – there will definitely be changes in our lives – but I feel that most of them will be good changes. Changes that will make us love, appreciate, cherish, and be better.




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