Tender Mercy 22 – Painting Relieves Stress

So today was one of those days that required a lot of energy and patience haha! My little niece was having an off day (as everyone does) and so it was a bit rough trying to do anything today. It’s hard when you’re little because they can’t communicate very well and so when they are having a bad day they don’t always communicate it in the best way. As adults when we wake up in a bad mood we usually know what to do or even what not to do. Oftentimes we know to stay away from people or take time to relax, etc.

  • My day did start out good though with a donut for breakfast – a great unhealthy way to start your morning. And I had to go pick up some in-n-out gift cards for my mom, so of course guess where we had lunch. haha! So even though things were rough, we did have some really good moments.


  • When my niece did take a nap (which was much needed), I decided to paint. I haven’t painted for awhile, and so I went into the garage to do some painting. I also convinced my sister to come do some painting with me. So we painted some water with some plants and a dragonfly. It was nice to paint again. So that is something that always seems to help when you need to get away from the world. Plus this time I had a buddy!

I also had a REALLY weird moment today. My sister can testify. It was soooo strange. It was the first time I have EVER felt totally out of control of my own body. It was super weird. So I wasn’t feeling very good and I was just laying on the couch watching a youtube documentary (which was super good! I have really been into watching real life movies and clips about people with different disabilities or people who all of a sudden faced a tragic event and how they overcame it. They are always so inspirational to me). Anyway, our little dog comes into the room and starts to cough and gag as if she is about to throw up. I try to tell her to go outside (but honestly I didn’t try very hard haha). The next thing I know she throws up a little tiny bit on the carpet (turns out it was because she ate a piece of grass). I take one look and I start to gag which makes me laugh. I call for my sister and tell her to come out. Well at this point I am laughing hysterically and gagging and then I start crying. And I mean FULL ON crying! After a few seconds of crying, I would laugh, but then I would cry again. And I don’t mean like tears that happen when you laugh … I mean I was legit crying with no laughing. It was the weirdest thing. And for like 2 minutes straight I would cry and then laugh because I was crying, then cry again, and then laugh because I was crying until finally I got ahold of myself and was able to stop. It was SOOO weird. My sister was laughing at me the entire time because she didn’t understand what was happening. I always get annoyed when people blame a girls hormones for their behavior, but in this case I am 100% sure my hormones took over my body for those 2 minutes and controlled my body. If that is what could happen once a month, I am terrified to see what I will do when I have a baby inside me for 9 months haha!

Also, ever since I went to Downtown Disney yesterday and saw some cute puzzles, I have been in the mood to do a puzzle! Maybe I will do one tomorrow. Or maybe start one tonight. haha.



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