I Did What Where??!

Yesterday was by the far the longest, craziest, funniest, unbelievable, and most embarrassing and sickening day. I didn’t even know all of that was possible in one day.

Let me explain.

So my day started off with me going to the doctors office for my sinus problems. I wanted to go to my regular doctor first to just see if there was anything she could do, even though I knew she probably wouldn’t be able to do anything.

I love my doctor. She is super sweet, funny, and cares about your life in general – not just your health. So of course she was asking me how the job hunt was going, and asked how my parents are and stuff.

Anyway, she ended up ordering a CT scan again for my sinuses and referred me back to the ENT that I went to the last time. While we were there she asks me if I want the flu shot. Normally I get it, especially working with schools I always had to have all my shots. But since I quit, I hadn’t gotten one. So, me thinking it would be a good idea, said okay I will get the flu shot …

Two funny things about the doctor’s office.

One is that, why is it when you go to the clinic you can never find parking. I mean I had to circle around the lot for 10 minutes until I found someone pulling out and I swooped in like my life depended on it. Same thing when I was walking to my car to leave. I had two cars following me and one lady asked where I was parked, but sadly someone else got my spot before her. What are we vultures? The one place where we shouldn’t have to worry about parking is at a place that deals with our health. Am I right?! Do you ever have trouble parking at Disneyland where there are thousands of people? No, never. They have those friendly people telling you exactly where to park.

The second thing, is when I was sitting there, I saw a trashcan for biohazard waste. But it said the words “no trash” inside of a circle with a red line through it. We all know that symbol. It means no. But if they have the words no trash, with a no symbol, does that make it a double negative? So no, no trash? So, yes to trash? I mean take a look at these photos. I understand these photos, but I laughed when I saw the one in the doctor’s office.

So I leave the doctors office and come home and relax for a bit. I then eat some lunch and I leave with my parents to drive down to my Grandma’s house. My uncle is there visiting from Texas with his wife and 2 younger kids.

So my Grandma lives about 1 hour away (sometimes a bit longer with traffic). I decide to bring my water bottle because this week I started back on Weight Watchers and I have been drinking A LOT of water every day and I thought to myself, well this shouldn’t be an excuse to not drink water. I figured since I would be at someone’s house I could drink there because I would be by a bathroom. Up to this point of the day in the car I had already had about 36 ounces of water.

So we are driving along on the freeway, and of course I start to feel a bit icky. I have noticed that my head does not like it when I travel now. It wasn’t exactly car sickness, it was my sinuses. The best way I can explain what happens to me almost every day is that it feels very similar to being nauseous. My head will feel full, my ears a bit plugged, my eyes will often hurt from pressure, and I will feel sick. So this is what I was kind of starting to feel in the car.

Well, we are on the freeway and we see a sign that the freeway will be closed up ahead. Wait, what?! And before we know it we are at a stop. Greattttt. I look it up on my phone and sure enough there was a police chase on the freeway. A guy had done a hit and run to someone on a scooter and the police were after him.

So while we were stuck in traffic, I pulled the live feed on my phone (shoutout to CBS), and so while we were stuck in this traffic we watched what was going on with they guy on my phone. Quite entertaining.

While we are stuck in this traffic that barely moves at all … guess what happens. I have to pee. I tried to hold if off for as long as I could, but after awhile I just couldn’t anymore. We kept seeing people walk around, stretch their legs and stuff. It made me want to get out and do a musical number haha! Anyway, so of course I was doing the pee pee dance for a bit. I’ll leave out what I did next. You can ask me privately in an email if you’re desperate to know the details haha.

Here is the link on CBS of what happened with the guy.

Hit and Run

Here is a photo of them towing the car away. I took this when we drove by.

img_3286 2

Anyway, so we finally get free of the traffic and when we can we pull over at a Walmart so my mom can use the bathroom. We get back on the freeway and drive the rest of the way to my Grandma’s without any problems (other than me not feeling good).

We take the exit to get off the freeway and lo and behold there’s more traffic! What?! We look ahead and see 2 firetrucks and a police car. What now!? Turns out a truck had caught on fire right there by the entrance to the freeway which was causing a backup. I mean, what else could happen?! haha! My dad called my uncle to tell him yet again we were delayed. And he just laughed. He couldn’t believe it.


Luckily we weren’t stopped there for too long, and shortly after that we made it to my Grandma’s house at about 4:30. We had left the house about 1:30 … so what normally takes us about 1 hour, took us a bit longer today! haha.

Anyway, we get to my Grandma’s and we visit for a few minutes. I am still not feeling 100%. I excuse myself to go schedule my CT appointment because they had called me on the way up.

At about 5pm my uncle decides he wants us all to go and watch the sunset at this spot on the mountain. So we all rush out to try and make it there in time (we were a bit late, but I still got some cool photos).

Well, the drive there did not help my sickeness. First of all, my Grandma lives on this windy mountain, so that was a pain. And then to get to this spot to see the sunset, we had to travel on more windy roads to get there.

I got out of the car to take pictures and then got back in. I didn’t have a jacket to use, and I didn’t feel good.

So after the sunset, my uncle decided to go to this Chinese restaurant for dinner. So we hop in the car again and take off. I’m still not feeling good. Now the weird part is that somehow between this drive and walking into the Chinese restaurant I got hit with what felt like the flu. It was weird.

We sat down at a table and all of a sudden I felt awful. I felt shaky, cold, I felt nauseous, and my arms felt like dead weight. Like they were so weak, they were just there on the table.

Now at this point my parents still think it’s my head. And I didn’t know what it was, but I knew it was worse. They bring out some egg rolls for us, and I can’t even touch mine. I just have my eyes closed with my head against my hand. At this point everyone knows I don’t feel super well, but they don’t know the extent of it.

After about 10 or so minutes I go to the bathroom and then come back. But I am not having it.

I feel AWFUL.

And one thing about me is that I hate feeling nauseous. When I throw up or feel nauseous, I cry and I want my mommy. I am telling you, I will be 60 years old and still want my mom haha.

So it was hard because I am sitting there in this PUBLIC PLACE feeling sick to my stomach and I was annoyed that we were even there. I wanted to be home. My own bathroom. I wanted to just rest my head on my mom. But here I was in this Chinese restaurant.

I felt bad because I wasn’t talking and even my grandma put her hand on my back and asked if I was okay. I felt bad because I didn’t want her to think I was just ignoring her. At one point she asked me what I was up to, and I gave a short answer because I didn’t feel good.

Once the food came, I got up again to use the bathroom. Only this time I stayed there the rest of the night. It was to the point where I didn’t want to throw up because it feels awful, I cry, and nobody likes to do that. But at the same I felt like if I could just throw up, I would feel better.

So this bathroom only has 2 stalls. One small one and one large one. I took the small one in case you know someone with a wheelchair comes in. Anyway, I am in there for a bit and then someone comes in to use the bigger stall only they are there to do some actual business if you know what I mean. And I’m thinking great, so we have one person throwing up and one person doing business. Nobody will be able to pee now.

Well, a lady comes in and knocks on my door. So I figured I would let her pee, and then go back in. At this point I hadn’t actually thrown up yet. So she pees and I stand there awkwardly until she leaves the bathroom and then I go back in my stall. Finally I get the courage to just kneel down and actually try to do it. At this point I just want to feel better.

A lot of gagging happens, but still no throw up.

Eventually my mom comes in and tells me they paid and are ready to leave. So I’m like okay let me just try one more time. I wanted to make sure that I would be okay to walk to the car without throwing up. I told her that we would have to empty the Walmart bag so I could have that in the car.

My mom waits patiently for me in the bathroom. My sweet momma. I try again, and then I remember saying oh here it comes. So as I am trying to throw up, a lady and her little girl come in and use the bigger stall. I hear the little girl say, “that woman is sick”.

So finally I decide that I am okay enough to make it to the car. I felt so bad because I walked out of the bathroom, grabbed my purse from the table and walked to the car without even saying anything to anyone. I barely said a word the whole night to my Aunt and Uncle or my Grandma.

(Just want to say thank you Chinese Restaurant for having THE CLEANEST bathroom I have ever seen. Honestly, it made me feel okay kneeling on the ground and looking into this shiny toilet. I was grateful that night for people who actually knew how to clean a bathroom).

So I’m sitting in the car with my bag waiting while my parents talk for a minute. We had to drive back to my Grandma’s house because my dad left his glasses there. So they go inside and I stay in the car. I beg them to not take too long because I just wanted to get home.

I felt so bad because I know that they could have visited for a bit longer, but because I was sick they weren’t able to.

So we drive home and I’m sitting in the back dry heaving into my bag. My mom made a comment of something like, “Well I guess this is my life now. Being surrounded by people throwing up in my car”. We laughed. About a week earlier my dad had really bad vertigo and was throwing up in a bag as well while my mom drove haha.

I never really threw up for real. When I did, it was more just phlegm and not a lot. I think it is mainly because I had only eaten 4 weight watchers point all day. Which is awful. So I am allowed 30 points a day. It was about 8pm and I had only eaten 4. The reason for that is because I was too sick to eat dinner. So there really wasn’t any food to throw up you know? A blessing in disguise.

Eventually the dry heaving stopped, and I was able to relax a bit and I even dozed off in the car. About 15 minutes left of the drive I woke up and I felt okay. I felt better. Not 100%, but way better. It hurt to talk just from all the acid and stuff from throwing up.

So as soon as we got home, I took a shower and then came and sat on the couch. I felt good enough to eat something so I ate some saltine crackers and a few sips of sprite. (We had some left over from when my dad had his vertigo and couldn’t eat – another blessing in disguise).

What’s ironic and hilarious is that earlier in the day when I had to pee my dad was telling me that I handled it pretty well. I didn’t get too upset or frustrated, and was telling me that one day I would look back and laugh at that. Well, little did he know what else would happen to me. I will definitely look back at this day and laugh at how crazy it was.

A police chase, a truck on fire, having the urge pee in traffic, rushing on a windy road just missing the sunset, throwing up in a Chinese restaurant, and then feeling somewhat okay hours later.

2019 is going to be a crazy yet amazing year. I can already feel it! HAHA!


11 thoughts on “I Did What Where??!

  1. Paul says:

    Oh wow, this was wild! I hate that feeling of having to throw up but not wanting to because you know how bad it’s going to feel. Kudos to you for avoiding it even if you spent way too much time in front of a toilet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In My Cluttered Attic says:

    Kaitlin, just as you promised over at Paul’s place (The Captain’s Speech), I think I’ve had a reaction—what an adventure you had. Just another epic day in La La Land—but one I can identify with to a little lesser degree. We’ve been stuck in traffic more than a few times there. Once, I had to get my wife to LAX to catch a flight out of town. We got stuck up in the Grapevine (it started snowing) and everything came to a complete stop. So there we were trapped. My wife had drunk a lot of water (like you) and the ladies room was calling. And being late to the airport was not an option. I’ll just say that my right arm was squeezed so tight that night that I am now just getting feeling back in that arm. Oh, and that sensation you talked about having in that Chinese restaurant—been there, did that. Only, the restroom I was in didn’t pass the Good Housekeeping seal of approval—not that I cared at that moment since I was really green. Sorry that you went through all of that. But, on the plus side, think of the joy you’ve just given to us readers! My identical Canadian twin brother, Paul—who looks nothing like me, but has the same name as I—invited us to check out others blogs. I’m glad I did. What a fun read. :O)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kaitlin Chase says:

      Haha oh no! Yeah it’s definitely moments like these that my blog more interesting because let’s face it, my life is usually boring haha. Your poor arm though! You would have thought she was in labor or something with that much force haha!!!

      Thanks for checking out my blog!


      • In My Cluttered Attic says:

        I’d be willing to say the day you had that day probably made up for more than 365 boring ones though. As for my poor arm and the way my wife was squeezing it that night, I think she could have passed for being in labor. Anxiety over possibly missing her flight combined with the urge to go to the bathroom (bad!) and sitting in the snow, do not make for good bedfellows—there would have been no time to change at the airport! Fortunately, she made the flight—still don’t know how she made the restroom though. That was amazing! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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